A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 336

As Zoe drank the shrimp soup, she asked coolly, "Who is that man from yesterday?"

She did not care, but still needed information anyway—she certainly did not want to face something like
that every night.

Clara worked hard to hold back her tears before saying, "He's my husband."

As Zoe glanced at her, she continued, "After I left the Levines' service, I could not be picky since I
already have a child, so I had to marry a good man."

Zoe raised an eyebrow—a good man? "He used to be a good man—a farmer.

I thought that he had been good to me and Cora, and he did not seem to mind that I was a single

Clara then paused for a moment before continuing.

"So, I told him about the money I had.He seemed to change immediately after that and kept coaxing
me to give it to him so he could start a business in the city.He appeared determined, so I didn't stop
him, but it turns out that he wasn't built for it.Soon, all our money was gone, our house taken as
collateral, and to top it off, he became a drug addict."

Even as Cordy spoke, her tears could not stop running.

"His temper became worse after the drugs and would abuse me when he ran out of money.I worked as
a maid again after his business went bankrupt, but he would take all the money I had.I lost my job
because he went looking for me at my employer's home, and I could only work at construction sites..."

"Why didn't you divorce him?" Zoe asked.

"I tried, but he always refused.

He'd beat me up and threatened to kill me and Cora if I went through with it, so I didn't test him.1 tried
to run away with Cora, but he would always find us and beat us up worse than before.I really don't dare
to challenge him."

"Can't you call the cops?"

"We did.He was arrested before too, but he'd just become worse when he's released.What good is
that? It'd just give us a couple years of respite."

"Haven't you thought of leaving North City and going somewhere he'd never find you?"

"I've never left North City my entire life—I wouldn't know what to do if I did.I'm not that well educated,
and Cora wants to stay in North City for her career..."

Clara appeared more miserable the more she spoke, and her tears were ceaseless.

Zoe bit her lip but said nothing.

"I'm sorry, Zoe, but you have to go.He'd come for you if he doesn't get his money tonight,"

Clara cried worriedly and passed Zoe a wrinkled hundred-dollar note.

"This is what I have—take it, go to your friends, or—"

"I don't have friends."

Zoe stared at the wrinkled note.

"I have nothing ever since you changed my life because of your own selfishness."


"I'll think of something to get the money,"

Zoe said and put down the bowl.

She really could not eat much since she did not have the appetite.She returned to her bedroom and
finally turned off her phone, logging into all her bank apps, credit card apps, and any other payment

She thought Nancy was just going to freeze her assets, but her bank account would still have some

It certainly was not the case— Nancy had taken away every last cent she had, even from her digital
wallet! Nancy really wanted Zoe dead! Zoe felt hurt, not because she was broke, but because it turned
out that emotional bonds could be severed in a split second.

Did Nancy really feel nothing towards her at all?! Tears welled in Zoe's eyes even as she held her

Forty grand used to mean nothing to her, but it was now the last straw that would break her back—

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