A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 332

There were three days left until Cordy's trial.

Meanwhile, Sachs Enterprises was celebrating their anniversary.

They were not exactly keeping things quiet —the major media outlets were reporting it, at the very

Naturally, the articles online were peppered with titles such as ' Sachs Enterprise celebrates
anniversary while disregarding Cordy Sachs' trial’.

Those titles drew controversy as it went online.

Some netizens maintained that the Sachs were too cold, since Cordy was their eldest daughter but
none of them showed concern.

Others claimed that since she was on bad terms with the Sachs, and since Cordy had already left them
anyway, she should be taking responsibility for her own actions no matter how terrible it was.

There was considerable controversy as both sides held their ground.

On the night of the Sachs Enterprises' anniversary gala, the family was being interviewed by the media,
with Plum declaring with righteous indignation before the cameras, "Cordy has nothing to do with us
since she was nineteen.

I may be bitterly disappointed in her after she was charged, but I feel no sympathy.

It was her own choice, insisting on running astray instead of taking a righteous path, and she's just
getting her just deserts."

Still, one of the journalists asked, "Madam Sachs, why did your family disown Cordy when she was
nineteen? Was it because she was pregnant without marriage, and affected your family's reputation?
But she's a member of your family, and don't you think kicking her out after one mistake is very cold?'

"That's not all she did.Cordy has always misbehaved, disrespecting her elders and bullying her siblings
ever since a child.She also didn't change after getting pregnant out of wedlock, and has in fact become
worse—it's obvious that her nature was vile from what she was caught doing.We're not that kind that
we'd keep defending some ingrate like her.Everyone has a limit."

Another journalist pressed, "According to our information, Cordy is exceedingly talented in business
and a prodigy in fashion design.Just half a year after she assumed leadership of Starstream
Enterprises, the company's performance improved by leaps and bounds—they almost seemed
unstoppable, and they were lauded as North City's finest dark horse.Given the way you just put her
down and distanced your family from her without any remorse, aren't you afraid that the family would
suddenly need her help?"

"Our family, hoping for help from Cordy in the current state she's in?! We'd never ask a misfit like her
for anything! I'm already grateful she did not try to take our family's fortune from us!"

Plum continued to scoff.

Since it was a live interview, Cordy sat in front of the TV, watching coolly as Plum mocked her to no
end.She was always too used to it, and whatever the Sachs would say did not affect her much these
days.She simply treated it as tabloid news.

At the gala, the journalists turned toward Noel after they were done interviewing Plum.

Noel had been catching a lot of spotlight these days, making her a media favorite regardless if the
news was positive or otherwise.

"Ms.Sachs, do you have anything to say about your grandmother's opinion of Cordy? You always
seemed to get involved with her affairs, after all."

"All I can say is that I respect my grandmother's opinion," Noel replied.

"All elders treat their children fairly, and my grandmother wouldn't go that far unless she was pushed
over the edge."

In other words, she was saying that Cordy was heinous, and it was her fault the Sachs were so cold
towards her.Still, the journalists quickly moved on to gossip.

"Can you tell us how you feel about Kyle Jessop’s death?" Noel sighed miserably and helplessly then.

"It's heartbreaking and shocking, but maybe this is better for him, because living would mean more
pain.However, please respect the dead and don't speak ill of them.Whatever he had done before in life,
it's all in the past now."

We were told that you're still working at Sachs Enterprises now, after holding positions at Jessop Corp
and Starstream Group.How do you think Sachs Enterprises compares?"

"Well, it's very different since I feel like I belong here.It's a family business, and there's no place like

The journalists seemed reluctant to leave Noel be and continued to bombard her with endless

While Simon would also occasionally respond to a couple questions regarding the company's business,
it was basically Noel's show, and left Sonny very much uncomfortable.

It was as if he never existed once they had arrived, and no journalist seemed interested in talking to

But he was supposed to be the heir to the Sachs family estate while Noel was nothing! As the press
session concluded, the Sachs moved into the banquet hall, where Noel confidently and effortlessly
mingled with the guests.

Nearby, Sonny was completely ignored, and was left scowling from the very start.

As the Sachs moved on stage to give a speech at the main event, Noel was naturally about to follow,
but Sue and Plum stopped her right then.

They reasoned with her, "You're a woman.You shouldn't flaunt yourself too much—just let your brother
do it."

Noel could only watch as Simon and Sonny took the stage and even saw just then that Sonny was
smiling smugly at her.

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