A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 330

Zoe did not expect that it would still hurt in every way possible.

"We let you in not out of sympathy but to make sure you understand your status now.Don't appear here
ever again for your own sake, because our family will never accept you," Alan said, watching her
dispassionately just then.

"We wouldn't have been this cold if you weren't Ivan's illegitimate child."


Her fault was being an illegitimate child—her birth was impermissible in the first place.

"But is this my fault? Did I get to choose my own birth?" Zoe asked with neither rage nor grief—only

'Why am I supposed to suffer everything?"

There was a flash of emotion in Alan's eyes, and he said, "You're not at fault, but it happened to you
anyway.And that is why you must endure it."

Zoe's years trickled out along the corner of her eye—so this world was really that unfair.She never hurt
anyone, but she had to suffer this anyway.

"Is there a reason for our family to accept you? That would be a slap to our faces and letting Ivan lord
over us and humiliate us."

Alan spoke every word with perfect clarity.

"And we can't afford such humiliation."

There was no way the richest family in North City would suffer such disgrace.

"Now go," Alan said, chasing her out right then.

"Don't ever show up.The further you go, the better."

"Okay." Zoe nodded quietly.

After all, what else could she do other than accept this? She was not a Levine now—in fact, she was a
disgrace to them.

Standing before Alan, she bowed and said, "Please take care of yourself, sir."

Alan's fingers twitched over his desk.

There was no way he felt nothing for the girl he started spoiling since she was a child.If only she were
not Ivan's illegitimate daughter...

Zoe folded the thick towel, put it neatly on the chair nearby, and left Alan's study.

She slowly headed toward the stairs when she paused, noticing her stunt double just then.

No—Cora was not even that now.

It was Zoe who had been the double, taking Cora's place for over twenty years.

And now, Zoe was suffering her just deserts.

Cora saw her too, and their eyes met.

That was not quite right—she was now Cora Levine, as she was the real heiress of the Levine family
and should therefore bear their last name.

Zoe studied her then.

In that white gown and white wool slippers, she looked just like a blossoming flower kept in a
greenhouse, nurtured and pampered to bits.

Zoe, on the other hand, was soaked to the bone, her shoes damp and covered in mud.

She would actually tread carefully, worried that she would dirty the carpet in the manor.

"What are you doing here?!" a furious woman's voice suddenly shrieked behind her.

In the next instant, she felt herself being pushed violently.

The stairs were in front of her, and she had to grab the handrail firmly to not fall down the stairs.

"To think that you have the cheek to show up here! I've already been merciful by allowing you to be
treated, so don't you challenge the limits to my tolerance!"

Nancy bellowed as she kept Cora firmly shielded beside her.

She was glaring furiously at Zoe, uninterested that she was about to fall down the stairs while she
continued to scoff, "Don't try to pretend you're weak and vulnerable, as if I would tolerate you
unconditionally just because you did.

Do you think you're still my daughter?! I'm telling you—I won't even look at you twice if you died right in
front of me!"

Zoe's fingers clenched over the handrail.

She was really afraid that she would fall just like that.

Still, she was not worried about dying—she was worried that her blood would dirty the expensive

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