A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 328

Cordy was stubborn.

"That's my own business."

"Yes, but Zoe might not want to see you right now either," John told her.

"She just turned from a swan to an ugly duckling—do you think she'd be able to stay composed and
face you or anyone else? She might want some quiet time to herself, so let's just give her some
space..." Cordy scowled.


"The point is, Jay will be taking care of her," John said, cutting her short.

Cordy was taken aback and was soon snapping, "Are we really pinning our hopes on Jay now?! He
didn't care about her at all when she was still Levine! Do you think he'd take the bullet after what
happened to her?! Moreover, your aunt is denying Zoe help.

What can Jay do when he's just adopted? Get chased out of the family like Zoe? Would he really go
that far for her?!"

"Like I said before," John said.

"Jay was right in rejecting Zoe."

Cordy did not respond to that, refusing to listen to any of his explanations although she did not know
what he was going to say. But once he made everything crystal clear to her, she was so stunned that
she actually stopped to listen and understand the two bombshells the Levines were keeping.

"And that is why you should trust Jay," John eventually summarized, but Cordy was hesitant.

As such, John repeated himself, "I understand how you feel about Zoe and would never interfere with
your friendship —she's a good girl who deserves friendship even if she's not a Levine.You've also
called Zoe yourself.

Given her phone's been turned off all this while, I know you understand that this means she does not
want to be bothered."

Cordy bit her lip, but she agreed with John's opinion.

Right now, Zoe would really prefer to be alone.

A week later, the impending trial for Cordy's charges was still widely discussed online.

On the other hand, there was nothing on Zoe being exposed to be not a member of the Levines.

It was understandable since Zoe always kept a low profile in public and never revealed that she was an
heiress of the Levine family.

It would therefore not stir any waves, and the Levines would never have a scandal like this to come to
light either.

Nonetheless, Zoe was getting discharged.

She had not turned on her phone while she was still in the hospital, as she wanted to keep herself cut
off from all information.

She wanted to stay in her own world without seeing or talking to anyone.

And yet, the woman calling herself her mother would come every day with bowls of soup.

No matter how many times she rejected Clara, even swiping at the bowl and knocking it to the floor as
she watched, the woman would just quietly clean up the mess and leave without a word.

Zoe actually felt guilty once, watching her lonely, weary figure.

But she did not need Clara's kindness or penance.

She would rather they not see each other for the rest of their lives, because she would not sympathize
or forgive.

She was certainly even less inclined to see Clara looking so humble! She could not bear such
emotional blackmail, which was why she left the hospital half a day earlier before Clara could come.

It was the middle of November, and the climate was colder.

However, Zoe was dressed thinly as she left the hospital and had nothing aside from her phone.

She stood amid the crowded streets, watching the cars traveling back and forth.

For the first time, she had no idea where she should be going—as if there was suddenly no place for
her in the whole wide world!

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