A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 322

Nancy was still not reacting at all.She stood before Zoe, looming over her as she said icily, "Don't call
me that ever again. You're not my daughter."

Zoe was taken aback.

Even as a kid, no matter what mischief or shenanigans she was up to—no matter how disobedient or
what mistakes she made—her mother had never been this harsh to her.

Could she really have upsetted Nancy this time? She reached out to Nancy like a spoiled child, trying
to be cute… only for Nancy to shift her hand away, evading her.

There was also undisguised contempt in Nancy's eyes.

Zoe's heart skipped a bed, feeling that something was out of place right then.

No matter what happened, her mother would never be this cold to her.

Even if Nancy was really upset that Zoe had been in danger, Nancy should be weeping happy tears
and hugging Zoe because she cheated death.

But this cold reaction...

Zoe somehow felt like she was not Nancy's daughter.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Zoe asked gingerly.

"I'll say it again, Zoe York,"

Nancy snapped coldly.

"You're not my daughter.Don't call me mom!"

Zoe forced herself to smile despite her fear—her mother was really scaring her now! ‘What are you
talking about, Mom? There's no way I'm not your daughter.I mean, I look just like Dad.No one would
believe that I'm adopted—"

"You are Ivan York's daughter, but not mine.My daughter is Cora Gooding—your stunt double," Nancy
said loudly and clearly.

"That's impossible, Mom.You're just—"

"Here's the paternity test result,"

Nancy said and threw the papers at her.

Zoe quickly picked them up, without caring that she still had an IV drip attached to her.

As she pulled at it, the needle attached to her clearly wobbled.But she seemed unable to feel it as she
quickly read through the paternity test results.

The first set confirmed that she and Nancy's DNA did not match, while the second confirmed that Cora
was Nancy's daughter.


Zoe stared at the text, as if struck by a bolt from the blue.

She could not believe that this was real, that she was not Nancy's biological daughter!

"I was like you—I couldn't believe it when I found out that the daughter I loved so dearly was not my
daughter at all, but a child my husband had with a mistress! And I raised her for 25 years while my

daughter suffered in every way out there!"

It had taken Nancy over a night to calm down, but the dam of emotions burst apart once more.

Zoe had always been the apple of Nancy's eye—Zoe never thought that her own mother would yell at
her like this and use such harsh words on her! Ever since she was a child, she envied families with
multiple children and always tried to ask her mother to give her a sibling.

Nancy simply smiled and gave Zoe a loving hug, insisting that she was fine with just Zoe and did not
want more siblings who would compete for her affection.

That same mother who loved Zoe so much was now so cold! Nonetheless, Nancy was now growling
through her teeth.

"Zoe York, I hate you now as much as I've loved you before.Let me make it very clear to you—I don't
ever want to see you again and my family is no longer yours! I'll have you taken out of every project
you had, and every asset under your name will be frozen.And don't ask your so-called friends for help
—anyone on your side is my enemy!"

"I'll take everything my family has given you with interest because you have no right!"

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