A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 320

They had to save Zoe.

John turned right then and saw Jay quickly and quietly approaching the nurse.

Come to think of it, he was of type AB blood.

Meanwhile, Clara was crying hysterically on the floor.

"Please, Ms.Levine, I'm begging you...Please save Zoe! Whatever it is, just take it out on me, okay?

She never thought that one moment of impulse would hurt her daughter to such an extent.

And if Zoe really died...

No, she refused to think about that! But even as she cried and begged, Nancy simply ignored her and
walked up to Cora, who was still too feeble to speak.

"Send her to the best ward you have," she told the medical staff present icily.

"No one is allowed to visit her without my permission."

They knew who she was and therefore agreed to it immediately.

Nancy then turned to tell John, "I'm your real family, Johnny—we have ties that bind.I'm sure you
wouldn't betray me or do anything that would hurt me."

John certainly knew what she was insinuating: he must not save Zoe.

"Blood runs thicker than water, Johnny.As for anything else..."

Nancy glanced at Ivan, wanting nothing less to murder him in her inconsolable rage and humiliation.

"They are inconsequential."

With that, Nancy wheeled Cora away and left the corridor.

Once she was gone, the corridor was left in silence.


Clara started begging John instead, but he ignored her too and stared coolly at Ivan.

Ivan gulped.

He wanted to explain, but what was there to explain? All he had left was a tragic mess, and he did not
have the ability to save Zoe.

"Uncle Ivan, this is your just deserts.Whatever happens to Zoe is your fault, so do what you will," John
told him and turned to leave, taking the employees he brought with him.

That was when Clara lunged at John and grabbed his leg, begging, "Please, Mr.Levine! You have to
save Zoe! I'm begging you..."

He was her only hope, but John mercilessly kicked her away.

"If you're going to regret it now, you shouldn't have done that in the first place," he said and left without
looking back.

"No, please..."

Left on the floor, Clara was crying in despair and muttering, "It's all my fault.It's all my fault...Zoe doesn't
have to suffer this..."

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