A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 318

The doors to the operation room opened just then, and a pale- faced woman was wheeled out, looking
utterly enfeebled.

Still, her injury was not at all serious.

However, as everyone including Nancy turned toward Cora Gooding, she felt as if she was punched in
the gut, her breath leaving her lungs right then.

Clara had been a maid in Levine Manor when both Nancy and Clara got pregnant around the same

After Clara delivered her baby, she insisted on returning to her hometown with her daughter and left the
Levines' service...

‘No! That's impossible!' Nancy's face turned pale.

She could not believe something so ridiculous would happen to her! She could not believe that the
daughter she raised over twenty years was not actually hers! And yet, Zoe's blood type...

Nancy rushed to a doctor nearby and asked, "What is this patient's blood type?"

"A," he replied.

Nancy felt another punch in the gut right then.

And that face which looked almost just like Zoe's...

Nancy could not think, and was shuddering even as she stared at Cora, her vision blurring...

Clara quickly walked up to wheel Cora off, but Nancy caught her.

"Don't you dare leave."

"Please, Ms.Levine.My daughter needs to go to her ward—"

"Are you sure that's your daughter?!" Nancy bellowed loudly and clearly.

Clara quickly averted her eyes, and her fear only further affirmed Nancy's hunch.

Nancy then wheeled on Ivan, who was frozen stiff.

"What is going on here, Ivan?! Speak up!" she yelled, as if crazed."

What's your relationship with Clara?! Who is Zoe's actual mother?! w As Nancy's hysterical voice
reverberated over the corridor, Jay more or less understood.

Still, more people started to file into the corridor—Levine Ventures ‘employees with type AB blood.

John had rushed to the scene as well, saying urgently, "We have ten donors ready, so this should be
enough.How's Zoe doing?"

Nancy's eyes were ready, and her tears started to roll when she saw John.

"Aunt Nancy."

John's voice actually turned hoarse—Nancy's reaction was really scaring him! The doors to the
emergency room swung open again, with the nurse asking urgently, "Are the Type AB blood donors
here? The patient needs a transfusion right now!"

John quickly gestured for his employees to go when Nancy suddenly moved to stop them!

"No!" She shrieked.

"No one will be saving Zoe York until I have answers! '"

"Aunt Nancy? What...?"

John was smart, but his aunt was actually leaving him confused at the moment! "Ivan York!"

Nancy glowered as she turned toward Ivan again, but he was still silent as he had been for a while

Still, Clara finally broke down and rushed up to Nancy, crying, "Yes ...Cora is your daughter, not Zoe.I
was the one who switched them all those years ago!"

A deathly silence ensued.

Nancy almost blacked out from sheer shock when she had her answer.

"Aunt Nancy!" John quickly caught her.

Ivan was still standing nearby, petrified.

He did not think the mistake he made all those years ago would lead to this! Back then, he paid Clara a
lot of money so that she would leave with their child.

And after so many years had passed, he thought that the past was dead and buried.To think that this
would happen out of the blue!

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