A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 316

As Zoe headed to the film set, Penny quickly followed.Her stunt double already had her wire harness
on, while Jay stood beside her and explained his directions.

The stunt double looked almost the same age as Zoe and was quite the docile creature.

Zoe herself had heard more than a few others in the film crew praising her.

With her good looks and willingness to suffer, she would be able to rise to stardom once she got lucky.

As Zoe stood and watched her stunt double being raised into the air, she started to feel fear and her
body trembled just from looking.

Feeling a little guilty, she thought about treating her stunt double to a nice dinner and giving her a

But even as the thought crossed her mind, there was a loud snapping sound overhead, and the stunt
double hovering up in the air was suddenly wobbling before the wire severed completely.

Everyone screamed in shock, while Zoe was left petrified and watched as the stunt double fell dozens
of feet down, landing squarely on top of her! She could not evade at all, colliding full-on with the other
woman and toppling down on the ground with a dull thud in a heap! The rest were all stunned for a long
while until a figure dashed away from the cameras and picked Zoe off the floor, shouting on top of his
lungs, "Get them to the ambulance right now!"

The rest finally reacted then, and several men dashed up to carry Zoe and the stunt double away.

Zoe was quickly put into her own MPV, while the stunt double was put into a small car and rushed to
the emergency room of the hospital.

There was blood all over Jay, but there was no telling if it was Zoe's or both women's.

He sat in the corridor, his whole body shaking.

Suddenly, urgent footsteps could be heard as Nancy Levine and Ivan York rushed to the scene, visibly

When they saw Jay, they quickly went up to ask, "What happened to Zoe, Jay? How could there be an
accident at the firm set? What is going on?!"

Jay did his best to stay calm and explain, "A wire snapped, and the stunt double hanging on it fell on

Nancy's eyes were red from worry and her whole body was trembling.

"Is it serious? Is Zoe going to be alright?"

"I don't know," Jay replied.

"They're operating on her right now."

Nancy almost fainted from the word ‘operating’, and Ivan quickly caught her.

"It's alright.Zoe's always been lucky.She's going to be fine."

"What if she isn't?"

Nancy cried, choking with tears right then.

"I knew I shouldn't have let her work in showbiz.I would have refused if I knew it'd be so dangerous..."

Their words left Jay's own emotions all over their place, but he restrained himself as always.

That was when the doors of the operation room opened and a nurse ran outside.

"Are any of Zoe York's family members present? wr "Here!"

Nancy quickly approached the nurse.But at that moment, Jay was suddenly afraid to get close.

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