A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 315

Cordy bit her lip and refused to answer at all.

"I wouldn't know."

"Well, I never could get him to tell me,"

Zoe said nonchalantly, before adding, "By the way, I have one final scene to film tonight, and it has
been put off for a while since I had other projects.Once I'm done, I'll ask my manager to clear my
schedule for some time so I can keep you company until after your case is over."

"It's fine, I don't want to put off your work..." Cordy began.

"I'm doing it on my own will. Don't turn me down now," Zoe told her, not giving her a chance to argue.

"My assistant will take me to the studio soon, and I'll be done around 2 or 3 AM.Just stay home and
wait for me."

Cordy did not want to blow off Zoe's eagerness and remained on the couch after Zoe left, staring
blankly into thin air.

There was no way Cordy could calm down—she was not that dauntless with the criminal charges
against her.Her fingers were twitching, but she eventually picked up her phone and called a number.



The voice on the other end sounded restrained, or maybe just surprised.

"The person you should investigate for my case is Noel," she told him.

She decided to confer with him.

"Yeah," John replied.

"I had my people look into the links between Helen Zalenski and Noel to see if we have
anything.Personally, ['m convinced that if Helen is willing to pull herself down with you, Noel must have
a leverage against her that must never come to light, or the offer Noel made was so good she could not

"I believe it would be the former," Cordy voiced her opinion.

"Yeah.I'll try to gather further details on her."

"But since the whole case was arranged, we might alert them if we make a move."

"I'll be discreet."

"Thank you," Cordy said politely.

John was silent for a while before saying, "It's what I should do."

The connection between them was just so curious.

After hanging up, Cordy sighed heavily.

Having gone through so much, there were times she really did not know what to choose or how to face
a person! Meanwhile, at the film set for Pomp and Circumstance, Zoe was filming a stunt sequence
involving wire- flying.

She had filmed similar stunts before, as she always did her own stunts—this time, however, they were
using a double.

"What is going on here?" Zoe asked her assistant, Penny.

"Mr.Parker arranged it," Penny said tentatively.

She was naturally aware that things were hostile between Jay and Zoe.

Worried that Zoe would storm into the set and argue again, she reasoned, "Actually, I think he's doing
this for your good.The stunt is a jump from that huge archway, which must be over thirty feet.The stunt
double looked just like you anyway, and no one would be able to tell.You just need to film a couple
close-ups later."

Zoe was certainly angry, but Jay had the last word since he was the director.

And Penny was right — Zoe had a fear of heights, and even the wire stunts before were filmed from a
height of five meters at best.She did not want the progress of the shoot to be affected by her either.

"Let's take a look," she said nonetheless.

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