A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 311

Zoe was ranting endlessly along the way home, and Cordy listened to everything calmly.It was not as if
she did not feel angry, but the priority now was to find a way to clear the charges against her.

Noel was right—this was a dog -eat -dog world, and her ability to resist was insignificant.

As they returned to Cordy's apartment, Zoe told her, "Go take a shower—I'll order takeout.You need to
get your strength back."

"Yeah," Cordy replied and returned to her room.

She looked at her own reflection in the mirror and found herself considerably haggard even though she
had only been in there for 24 hours.She took a deep breath and told herself that she must not lose to

That she must not give up, not until the last moment.

After she was finished with her shower, she stepped out to find the entire dining table stacked with
scrumptious food.

Zoe was beckoning warmly at Cordy and sliding plate after plate of food toward Cordy.

"You look so skinny.Eat some more."

Staring at the mountainous pile of food, Cordy joked, "Are you that worried I won't eat normally if I get
arrested again?"

It was clearly a joke, but Zoe's eyes went red after she heard it, probably because she really believed
that Cordy was really going to prison.

"Don't say something like that.John will definitely save you no matter what it takes—"

"Stop.Don't mention him again," Cordy said, cutting Zoe short.

She did not give any explanation either.

Zoe understood that Cordy would definitely be upset with John.

In fact, Zoe was too—why should Cordy have to suffer his issue with Jessica? If she were in Cordy's
shoes, she would definitely loathe him.

For once, she did not try to defend her dearest cousin.

After they were done eating, Cordy called Quinn.

"I'm out of the detention center now.If it's convenient, may I discuss my case with you?"

"Of course.Where are you right now? I'll come to you."

"I'm at home.I'll send you my address."

"Alright.I'll be right there."

Quinn arrived at Cordy's apartment in half an hour.Zoe was at first surprised to see Quinn, though she
soon realized why.

"You came to discuss Cordy's case?"

"Yes," Quinn replied.

"I've just received new information regarding your case.They have sufficient evidence—and mainly
because there's someone influential pushing them—your case would be taken to court in two weeks."

Zoe appeared a little agitated.

"That soon? Would we have time to gather evidence?"

"What can I say? When it rains, it pours."

"What should we do? Is there no way to buy more time?"

"Unless there is reasonable cause," Quinn admitted.

"F*ck," Zoe swore.

Cordy, however, was calm.

"Can we file for an appeal?"

"In theory, yes," Quinn said.

"But do you think they'd allow you to do that? The judge would definitely deny that on the spot, and that
means the next two weeks are all the time we have. As for the key points we listed yesterday, I've
already investigated everything. First, that phony bank account.I had asked the bank for security
footage on the day that account was made, but by sheer coincidence, the cameras were down that day,
and we have nothing That means we have no evidence that you didn't persona.ly open that account."

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