A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 307

Both Jay and Sam spotted Zoe on the couch just then, but Quinn put a finger on her lips, warning them
to keep it down.She tucked Zoe under the blanket and put a pillow beneath her head, helping her lie
down comfortably.

Even as she did, Zoe was still mumbling something horrible about Jessica.

It was certainly hilarious.

Once they tucked in Zoe, Quinn returned to her desk while Jay and Sam sat opposite her.

Knowing why they had come, she took out the file she had on Cordy's case and said quietly, "Here are
all the details I got from her after meeting her.I've combed out all the key points."

As she spoke, she slid it toward them.

As Jay studied the contents solemnly, Quinn asked casually, "Have you found Mr.Levine, Mr.Parker?"

"If there aren't any other surprises, tomorrow."

"That's good," Quinn said.

"There are a lot of points for investigation in there, and we would need Mr.Levine to help us in cases
where we can't reach." Jay nodded.

With that, the trio started to analyze Cordy's case seriously and chatted until it was dark outside.

On the couch, Zoe suddenly wiggled.

And the instant she moved, she fell off the couch and landed with a bang! The trio who were still
engaged in their discussion turned toward her at once while all Zoe felt was the pain on her butt.She
actually could not remember just then how she ended up on the floor or when she fell asleep.She was
just talking to Quinn about Cordy, wasn't she?! At the same time, she felt several pairs of eyes on her,
and looked up to find Quinn, Jay, and Sam all staring at her.

Zoe felt a little embarrassed despite being thick-skinned.

There were so many pairs of eyes watching as she stayed on the floor, leaving her feeling utterly
sheepish! Most importantly, none of them were coming to help her up! Still, Quinn seemed to realize
that right then and hurried over to give Zoe a hand while asking in concern, "Are you alright? Did you
hurt yourself?"

"My butt hurts,"Zoe complained.

"Here.Let me give you a rub," Quinn said, massaging Zoe's rump as she spoke.

Zoe did not stop her—they had been friends for years, and they were that close.Sam and Jay looked
on, with Sam staring at them especially hard.

"Don't tell me...you two swing that way?' Both Zoe and Quinn scowled at him in return, with Zoe
snapping, "You really need a trip to the doctor's."

Sam was annoyed right then—Zoe always shot him dirty looks whenever they met.

"John and I grew up together, and since we're basically brothers, I can be considered your brother
too.Shouldn't you show some respect?" Zoe shrugged.

"That's how I treat poochies."


Sam was provoked right then.Jay put a hand on his shoulder.

"That's enough.Let's get back to business.With that, Sam shot Zoe a look and growled, "Guess I won't
argue for your uncle's sake."

Zoe clearly had more to say, but Quinn stopped her.

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