A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 305

Zoe's words were filled with righteous indignation, and Alan was left glowering.

And once he got serious, he was frightening.

Hence, before Zoe could continue, he snapped, "Don't breathe another word if you don't want to suffer
like John did.This discussion is over, and I'd advise you not to meddle with other people's business."

Zoe wanted to say more, but Lawrence told her cordially, "You really should stop, Ms.York."

Zoe bit her lip, her eyes welling with tears right then.

She knew all too well that there was no reasoning with her grandfather if it went against her
principles.She turned and stormed off angrily.

But even if the world would go against her, she would save Cordy! As she shoved the door open, Jay
remained standing outside.He could see her face, puffy and red and covered in tears.It went without
saying that things had gone badly.

Still, Zoe worked hard to hold back her tears when she saw Jay because she refused to let herself
appear even slightly vulnerable around him.

Even so, Jay wanted her to feel better.He began, "There were many strings pulled to pull this off.Your
grandfather was not being cold "Take your crocodile tears and shove it, Jay," Zoe snapped, glaring icily
at him.

"Be a good lap dog and shut up!"

And with those words, she stormed off.Jay gulped, but he waited for a long while before knocking on
the doors of the study.

In reality, he would be reasoning with Alan for John's sake if Zoe never came.

There was no way anyone could find a needle in the haystack, now that they had lost contact with John

They needed to deal with this issue at its core.

When Alan saw Jay enter, he asked coolly, Come to plead Cordy Sachs' case too, have you?"

"Yes," Jay replied.

"You're not Zoe," Alan growled.

"She's too young to understand, and she only ever follows her whims.You should be more tactful."

Even so, Jay said earnestly, "I'll just state my perspective on this matter, Father.Put it into consideration
if you wish, and I won't breathe another word if you tell me to stop."

Alan hesitated for a moment, but he said, "Tell me."

"Cordy's case is clear cut—the Stuarts fabricated her crime, but I'm sure you knew.That said, I don't
think this was a good move on the Stuarts' part."

Alan did not argue, seemingly acknowledging his silence.

"Johnny hasn't tried to protest against his engagement with Jessica because he doesn't have the ability
yet.Moreover, he has to consider our family's interests while protecting Cordy.That being said, the limits
to his tolerance haven't really been challenged yet.But should Cordy really go to prison because of the

Stuarts, do you think Johnny would let it rest? In fact, I'm a hundred percent certain that he'd go all out
if anything happens to Cordy.Whatever tragedy that might happen then, I'm sure you won't want to see
it.That is why you shouldn't interfere for our family's sake and for Johnny's."

Alan's fingers clenched around his teacup but he did not stop Jay, instead allowing Jay to continue.

"That's my first point.As for the second, it's Dicky,"

Jay continued succinctly.Alan turned toward Jay then.

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