A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 304

Before Quinn alighted, she said, "I can drive the car to the basement parking lot."

"I need to borrow it," Sam said bluntly.

Quinn pursed her lips.

"Where are you going? I can take you there."

"Get out," Sam urged her.

Quinn gritted her teeth and got out, forced to watch as Sam drove away. She had only one car, and
since she always worked very late, she felt unsafe if she had to get a taxi at that hour.

But Sam was never considerate toward others.

Zoe reached Levine Manor in the afternoon. She was storming towards Alan's study when a large, firm
hand held her.


The sight of Jay only left her face contorted with rage.

"Let me go!"

"Calm down. I know you want to talk to him about Cordy, but rushing inside won't solve anything—"

"She's not your friend! You've never considered trying to solve this —that's why you think there's no
resolving this! You're just worried that I'd upset my grandfather and in turn the family, and get you
dragged into it! I know you feel unsafe here as an adopted child, and I understand why you always

prioritize keeping my grandfather happy, so that you have a place in this family.But please don't be so
selfish that you'd build your happiness on the pain of others!"

Zoe was bellowing every word so loudly that the many servants in the manor heard him, and they were
startled into silence by Zoe.

Even before Jay could explain, an ancient voice spoke from the direction of the study.

"Jay, let her in."

Zoe promptly slapped Jay's hand off, and just before she entered, she growled icily, "And don't touch
me ever again."

With those words, Zoe headed inside the study, and slammed the door shut behind her while she went
straight to the point.

"Grandfather! What did you do to John?"

"He's my grandson.Whatever can I do to him?"

Alan smiled— dealing with a bart could not be simpler.

"Why are you keeping him abroad? Why aren't you letting him come back?!"

"He's engaged.He shouldn't get involved in other people's problems."

"You forced him into that engagement.You know he doesn't love Jessica."

"Feelings develop over time—"

"I won't discuss the intricacies of a relationship with you because you businessmen think money
applies to everything—I'd be wasting my breath.I'm asking you, as an upstanding citizen who has a
status and responsibilities in society, why you aren't helping another citizen when you can? Or perhaps
you'd rather side with the wicked?"

Alan's eyes narrowed dangerously, but Zoe continued her agitated rant nonetheless.

"Even I can tell that Cordy is being framed, and I'm sure someone with your knowledge and experience
can tell that this all smells fishy.You know very well that something sinister is afoot, and not only are
you ignoring it, but you're also stopping my own brother from doing the right thing.Doesn't your
conscience hurt?! Levine Ventures has a reputation to maintain, and no matter how calculative you get,
you shouldn't ignore your own conscience!"

"This has nothing to do with me.Cordy Sachs has nothing to do with me.Why should I help her? You
only live that long, so just minding your own business is perfectly fine.Or perhaps you think I have the
ability to correct every injustice in this world?"

"I'm not asking for that.You just have to let John help Cordy—"

"Save it," Alan said, cutting her short.

'Cordy's troubles are her own, and she wouldn't have to suffer if she knew what was good for
her.Everyone needs to pay the price for their actions!"

"In that case, John should be the one paying the price!" Zoe snapped bluntly.

"He was the one who kept hounding Cordy, and he was the one who did this to her! He's at fault, and
he should be the one resolving this instead of letting a vulnerable woman get bullied!"

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