A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 300

Quinn Summer and Sam Saunders left the hotel together, with the former driving and the latter riding

Along the way, Quinn said, "I asked a friend for a brief on Cordy Sachs' case, but it doesn't look good.

They have material witnesses and physical evidence, and the charges are clear cut.

Bribery and tax evasion—and with such huge amounts of capital involved? That's basically ten years."

"Let's bail Cordy out for now," Sam replied.

"Johnny will find a way."

"Yeah," Quinn replied.

Suddenly, Sam reached out and grabbed the steering wheel—a car zipped past theirs right then! If
Sam hadn’t shifted the steering wheel, their car would’ve crashed into the car beside them.

The driver even wound down his window and yelled angrily at them, "Where'd you learn to drive?! Just
stay home instead!"

Sam glowered as he yelled back viciously, "That's your own damn fault! You should be looking behind
before you switch lanes!"

Quinn pursed her lips in silence, since it was actually her driving skills that were at fault.She fidgeted
with her fingers just then, gesturing for Sam to move his hand off hers.He did so, but said, "You really
shouldn't be driving when you're so bad."

"I'll just drive slower," she said, refraining from arguing—it was always pointless to argue with this man.

"Don't we have chauffeurs? Just ask the old man to assign one for you.He'd love to, since you're
basically his biological daughter to him," Sam said sarcastically.

Once again, Quinn stayed silent.

Snorting, Sam barked, "Stop the car!"

Quinn drove to the side of the road and stopped there, thinking that Sam was going to take a
taxi.Instead, he walked around the car to the driver's seat.


Quinn undid her seatbelt and alighted, while Sam told her, "Ride shotgun."

She did so.He took the wheel and complained, "What's wrong with this seat? Can't even fit my butt

Quinn didn’t understand why Sam was constantly grumpy, or on the verge of getting grumpy.She
certainly wanted to point out that she was five foot three, while he was almost six foot three.

That's a whole foot between them; she would never fit in a seat adjusted for his side.

Nonetheless, Sam managed to eventually adjust the seat to fit him comfortably, and drove Quinn’s car
to the detention center.

Quinn went through the standard procedure to bail out Cordy, only to be informed that the case against
her was solid and the trial was arranged earlier.

In other words, no dice.

They were incredibly stubborn about it, not budging no matter what legal actions Quinn threatened
them with or how much Sam tried to mention his family's influence.

They had no choice, and Quinn had to say bluntly, "I'm Cordy Sachs's lawyer.I have the right to meet
my client, even if there's no bail."

They finally agreed to it, and Quinn finally told Sam, "Wait outside for me.I'll go in and talk to
Cordy.Also, it's best if you speak with John Levine— from my experience, this won't be just your run-of-
the-mill criminal case.Someone’s pulling strings behind the scenes, and unless John Levine himself
steps up, we might have no chance of turning things around."

Sam nodded and left the detention center to call John Levine, but John’s phone was off.

Maybe he boarded a flight? It has been two hours since their call, after all.

And yet, Sam had a gnawing feeling that something was out of place.

Reasonably speaking, John should’ve called him before he boarded his flight, and would at least ask
how Cordy was doing.

And yet, there wasn’t a single sign from him...

Sam promptly decided to call Jay Parker.

"Jay, I can't reach Johnny at the moment.Is he on a flight?"

"I think my father’s holding him abroad," Jay replied.

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