A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 303

Sam was waiting outside the detention center when Quinn stepped out.

Returning to her car with him behind the wheel, he asked, "How's Cordy?"

"Calm and composed," Quinn replied.

"I asked for the specifics, and it turns out that there are plenty of aspects about her case to be used for
a rebuttal.We just need to investigate it and she'll be safe ...By the way, have you told Mr.Levine that
we can't bail Cordy?"

"Can't reach him."

"In flight?"

"No.Alan Levine is holding him abroad."

Quinn actually turned toward Sam just then.

"It's pointless even if you stare at me like that." Sam shrugged.

"The old man still has the last say in his family.No matter how much influence John has, he'd never win
against his own grandfather."

"But we'd have no chance of investigating Cordy's case without him," Quinn said.

"Jay will try to find him.Let's just hope that works." Sam sighed.

"Yeah,"Quinn replied.

Remembering something just then, she whipped out her phone and made a call.


"Zoe.Where are you right now?"

"I was just going to board a flight back.Cordy's case is killing me,"

Zoe groaned.

Quinn could actually feel Zoe worrying from the other end.

"I was just going to talk to you about this," Quinn said.

"I'm now her legal advisor, and we just met to discuss the case—"

"How is she doing?!" Zoe asked in agitation even before Quinn could finish.

"She's fine, but I can't post bail," Quinn replied.

"Sh*t! Why not?!"

"Let me get to the point."

"Oh, right,"

Zoe paused then, realizing she had been rather impulsive.

"There are multiple flaws in the case, but right now, we don't have the reach to investigate them.John
Levine is our only hope."

"I've called him. He's probably coming back soon."

"Actually, Sam was saying that your grandfather had him confined abroad."

"What?!" Zoe exclaimed furiously.

"Once you get back, find out what's happening back home and try to reach out to him.I have a handle
on the case now, and all we can do is wait for his return and arrange the next steps."

"Yes, understood," Zoe quickly said.

"I'm boarding my flight now, and I'll head straight to Levine Manor once I reach North City.Wait for my

After Zoe hung up, Quinn lowered her phone and stared outside the window in silence.

"I'm actually surprised that you're so enthusiastic about Cordy's case," Sam joked just then.

"Every lawyer has an obligation toward their client," Quinn replied.

"But I have this feeling that you have a very good impression of her."

"She would make a good friend."

Quinn did not deny that.

"What is her deal, honestly?" Sam chuckled.

"Bewitching men and women, left and right.Even Johnny—who doesn't give a damn about women — is
basically her slave now."

"Don't get any funny ideas," Quinn warned him.

"What do you take me for?!"

Sam snapped, incensed right then.

"Do I look like I'd lay a finger on my brother's wife?"

Quinn was going to retort ‘you'd lay a finger on any woman’, but ultimately decided against it.

Soon, they arrived outside Saunderia's office building.

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