A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 302

"It might be difficult with our current strength," Quinn admitted.

"But we might stand a chance with Mr.Levine." Cordy pursed her lips.

"Ms.Summer, who do you think is the mastermind?"

Quinn was quiet for a moment.

"That means you probably have an idea." Cordy nodded.

"And given my connection to John, and his and hers, who do you think he'll help?"

"I'm no savant when it comes to relationships," Quinn confessed.

"But my opinion is that since Mr.Levine was willing to ask Sam Saunders to entrust me with your case,
he definitely cares."

"But relationships mean nothing when money is at stake."

Quinn paused right then, since she had no comeback against that.She had only previously met Cordy
once alongside Zoe during a dinner.

Since Zoe was busy drinking and Quinn had to be her chaperone, Quinn did not have the time to get
better acquainted with Cordy.

And now, she was assuredly seeing Cordy in a new light, and she felt for an instant that Cordy was just
like her.

As such, she told Cordy, "Even so, we have to try.

Going down kicking and screaming is much better than nothing, not to mention that there is a chance to
turn everything around.

Moreover, I can assure you that even if you weren't connected to Sam Saunders or Mr.Levine, I'd go all
out to help you anyway just because you are Zoe's friend."

Cordy's heart skipped a beat.

Even if Quinn appeared aloof—probably because she was a lawyer —her words and expressions were
prim and proper, and she always kept a stiff upper lip.

As such, she certainly gave people the impression that she was dependable.

Though they had only met once, Quinn was definitely sharp and smart enough to tell who she faced

And yet, they did not pause to get sentimental, while Quinn continued to discuss the case solemnly.

"Now, please talk me through these revenue reports and why your signatures are on it.I don't think
you'd be negligent enough to let your finance department mess with the company's money."

"Those reports are certified via the OA system.There are certain documents which I've delegated to my
secretary, especially since I've been busy with an invitation to tender recently."

"In other words, it's your secretary's issue," Quinn concluded.

Cordy frowned.Her very first suspect was Vince too, but she was the one who personally selected him
and groomed him.

That made it virtually impossible… but if it was not him, then who could it be? And even if she trusted
Vince's character, there would be times when temptations and threats get… overwhelming.

Hence, Quinn once again said, ''So our key investigation points are the source of the bank account,
your accountant Helen Zalenski, your assistant Vince Cartman, the tax bureau's deputy commissioner
Henry Lane, and the anonymous tip...with supposition that they have been bribed."

Cordy nodded.

"Alright, I understand the general situation now," Quinn said, not dragging her feet at all.

"I've tried to post bail, but they're refusing to let you leave for the time being.However, I'll contact you
immediately in case of new clues regarding your case."

"But if my defense fails...How many years are we looking at?" Cordy asked.

Quinn looked at Cordy just then and thought to herself that Cordy was honestly too rational.

Still, she admitted, "I'll try to plead your case, reducing it to ten years."

Ten years...

And there goes her youth.

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