A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 299

Sam nonchalantly picked up a towel, wrapped it around his waist, and made a call in front of the hotel
room's glass window.

On the other end, Quinn Summer answered the call when she saw that it was him.

"How much do you need?"

Their parents were the ones who arranged their marriage, so they basically felt nothing for each
other.However, Sam's parents liked Quinn so much that they tried to stop Sam from messing around
with other women even after they two got married.

Thus, Quinn was given full control of both their bank accounts, and Sam wouldn’t contact her unless he
ran out of money.

In reality, Quinn wouldn’t set a limit to his finances.She would always give him a fixed allowance every
month, and more if he runs out.

After all, every cent she had was still the Saunders' property; Sam would ask for cash every time to
ensure that his family never finds out.

After three years of marriage, they were certainly used to it.

"Actually, just send a set of respectable clothes and ask your lawyers to file the paperwork for bailing
Cordy Sachs.Johnny's asking," Sam told her.

Quinn did a double take, but soon remembered the headlines that afternoon.

Cordy has been arrested with solid evidence against her.

"Are you in a hurry?" she asked.

"Are you busy?" Sam asked.

"No, but I'd like to examine Cordy's case first."

"There's no rush on my end," Sam assured her.

"But I think Johnny might not share the sentiment. You best hurry."

"I'll do my best."

With that, Sam hung up and picked up a cigarette.

Even as he started smoking, the woman on the bed kept her distance, and simply waited until Sam
would pay her and chase her off.

Around an hour later, Quinn arrived, carrying a full business attire for men as she strode into Sam's
hotel room.

The woman on the bed, who had just been feeling sore on the back from lying down, was about to get
out of bed when Quinn arrived.

Naturally, she jumped in shock once she got up to find another woman striding inside.

Quinn, however, seemed completely used to it.

Seeing the other woman, she asked casually, "How much?"

"What?" the woman asked, very much taken aback.

"For keeping Sam company.I'm paying you."

The woman was trembling.She thought Quinn was here to catch them in the act...

Yet, it turned out that Quinn was just there to pay her? She turned towards Sam, who was actually
grinning with a cigarette between his teeth.

"30 grand."

30 grand...for spending the night with him?! That was way more than what she expected! The woman
couldn’t help smiling.

"Your QR code, please," Quinn said.

The woman promptly whipped out her phone and gave it to Quinn, who swiftly put on her clothes.

"Now, get your clothes on.Away with you."

"Yes, ma'am.Right away, ma'am!"

The woman promptly got out of bed while still naked.She quickly picked up her clothes from the floor
and got dressed, and left with a smile of irrepressible happiness.

After sending her away, Quinn handed Sam his clothes.

"Put these on.We're going to the detention center together."

Sam slowly snuffed out his cigarette and chuckled.

"Mrs.Saunders, you really are a dutiful wife for paying for your husband's philandering expenditures."

Quinn didn’t respond to that, but Sam was already used to her aloofness.The woman was so stoic, she
wouldn’t blink even if the skies would fall.He suddenly pulled off the towel around his waist, and Quinn

promptly turned away.

Sam chuckled again, but got dressed without delay.Duty calls.

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