A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 298

Cordy quickly turned towards Vince and said quietly, "I'll be going with the prosecutors, so you're taking
over the rest.The invitation to tender is definitely going to be called off, but keep dragging it out until I
can return and clean up this mess."

"Yes, ma'am," Vinc replied quickly, but he could hardly hide his apprehension.He was genuinely
impressed that she could remain composed even at a time like this.

With those simple instructions, Cordy left with the prosecutors.

Nonetheless, news of Cordy's arrest soon spread all over North City, leaving everyone in shock.She
certainly had been making a lot of headlines lately; whenever one headline was cooling off, she would
get another headline which was somehow more sensational.

It was as if she existed on trending searches in a loop! John was having a meeting abroad when Cordy
was arrested.Zoe called him to inform him of her arrest, but he hung up the first time.

When she called him again, he already sensed something was wrong.

Zoe had always feared him, and would never insist on bothering him when she knew he was busy.

Unless, of course, something happened to Cordy.

John left the conference room immediately after receiving the call, leaving the executives present
trading bewildered glances.

Their CEO never left a meeting halfway, and scowled that hard at that.

Randy naturally picked up on his boss's mood, and quickly followed.

"What is it?" John asked immediately the moment the call got through.

"John..." Zoe sounded tearful.

"Cordy’s in trouble..."

John's chest tightened, and he asked coolly, "What is it?"

"I just saw it on the news today—the prosecutors had Cordy arrested for bribery and tax evasion!" Zoe
said urgently.

"I'm filming a variety show on location, and I could only make it back the day after tomorrow.I don't
know what's going on, but there's no way Cordy would commit a crime.You have to come back right
now —I have a feeling this is not as simple as it looks!"

John promptly hung up, and he told Randy who was behind him, "Ready the car.We're heading to the

"But, sir, the meeting..."

Randy pointed out.

"Video conference.Once we get back to North City."

"Yes, sir," Randy could tell from the boss's face that the missus was in trouble.

Honestly, why were there just so many vile people out there so eager to hurt her? As Randy thought
about it, he thought it was probably because of his boss—success would always draw jealousy.

While Randy made calls to handle various work matters, he got in John's car, following the latter to the
airport.He dared not ask a question when he saw the way John was glowering, and watched as John
whipped out his phone to dial a number.

"Sam," he addressed the other man once the latter answered.

"Well, hello there! Your call honors me, Mr.Very Busy," Sam Saunders joked from the other end.

John ignored the banter and asked curtly, "Isn't your wife a lawyer?

"That she is."

"Cordy’s in trouble right now.Ask your wife to post her bail, and anything else can wait until I come
back.I'm on my way to the airport—I'll probably be back around 2 a.m.North City time."

"Sure," Sam agreed to help immediately.

There was no doubt John would step up when something so serious happened to Cordy.

Still, Sam wondered if the Levines would actually allow John to interfere.He sat up on that hotel bed,
but just as he did, the woman beside him wrapped his arms around his waist, purring coquettishly, "Oh,
Mr.Saunders.Where are you going—"

Sam suddenly turned, giving her a look.She quickly released him.

Everyone in the nightclub business knew that Sam Saunders was as handsome as he was generous.

Any woman who got in bed with him would not only enjoy breathtaking physical delights, but also make
a killing as they do.He was definitely the most popular person to those working nightclubs.

However, there was one catch: his terrible temper.

They must never upset him, or else!

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