A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 296

After dinner, Cordy helped Dicky take a bath as usual.She then handed him a storybook to read by
himself while she took a bath.

When she undressed, she looked at the mirror to see a large bruise on her rear flank.

It hurt from the slightest movement, but she gritted her teeth and finished her bath.She changed into
her pajamas, then took a tube of ointment from the first-aid kit.

She stood before the full-length mirror in the living room, pulling up her shirt and lowering her trousers
slightly, baring her hip so that it was easier to apply the ointment.

However, she blinked just as she was about to do it—she saw John in the mirror's reflection.He was
suddenly approaching her from the living room, as if he had been there for a while without her noticing.

Cordy promptly lowered her shirt and pulled up her trousers, scowling as she snapped, "What are you
doing here?"

She clearly recalled changing her door password to stop him, and therefore never expected him to
enter anyway without her knowing.

"Dicky opened the door for me," he admitted.

Cordy pursed her lips.She was prepared for everything, but not her own son's betrayal! Still, she forced
herself to calm down.

"What are you doing here? To take Dicky home? He's going to bed soon, and it's the weekend
tomorrow—I'd suggest letting him stare."

John, however, had moved to stand just inches away from her, and was staring at her from above.

The lights in Cordy's house weren’t too bright, with only the spot where she placed the tall mirror was
illuminated brightly.

As John stood with the light on his back, he looked rather dangerous.

Cordy asked warily, What do you want?"

However, John lifted her pajama shirt right then, and she snapped, "John! "

"I thought you weren't hurt,"

John growled, his eyes fixed at the swollen bruise on her rear flank.It was simply gruesome.

"It's not as serious as Jessica's—"

"You really don't know how to say that it hurts, do you?"

"It's just a knock.It's less terrible than it looks—Ow!"

Cordy suddenly yelped because John poked the bruise with his fingers; she couldn’t withstand the
abrupt pain.

Even as she gritted her teeth and glared viciously at John, he told her, "If it hurts, say it.Don't lie."

Cordy was silent.

"Now lift your shirt," he continued.


"Don't worry.I can restrain myself from touching you even when you're drugged.Do you really think I
can't control myself when you're looking like this?"

Cordy let it slide—not because she was upset with John's apparent disinterest in her, but because he
got to ogle at her body so naturally.

Jessica was supposed to be his fiancee, while they were just strangers.

As usual, John read her mind with pinpoint precision.

Shrugging, he said, "I've already seen every nook and cranny, anyway."

Cordy refused to continue the banter—or to be precise, she never could fight back when it was
him.She simply turned her back towards John, and watched from the mirror as John applied the
ointment to her bruise with great concentration.He did so exceedingly gently, worried that he would hurt
her.She couldn’t feel his touch at all.

The room turned silent, as both of them didn’t say a word.

Cordy continued to restrain herself as best as she could, while John focused on applying the ointment
on her.

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