A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 295

Jessica looked like she was in absolute pain, and John dropped to a crouch with his back to her.

"Come.I'll give you a piggyback."

Jessica felt a little upset at that —John always went to the gym, and he was definitely capable of
scooping her up in his arms.

And yet, he was only giving her a piggyback.

Since there was no way she could reject it, she forced herself to lean on his broad back.

John didn’t even hold on to her thighs, only allowing her to wrap her arms around his neck.

To make things even worse, he barely walked a few feet and quickly put her down on one of the
spectator seats, saying, "I'm calling in a chopper to take you to the hospital."

"you don't have to," Jessica said quickly.

"That's unnecessary.It's not that serious."

"I'd rest easy if you go," John said firmly, so Jessica kept mum.

Even now, she had no idea if John was actually worried about her.

In fact, his unnecessary gesture only made them seem distant—as if he was just resolving some
annoying issue at work.

After the teachers and parents all voiced their concern and were told that Jessica would be taken to the
hospital, they didn’t ask anything else.

Naturally, the parent -child relay had to be called - off.

As they waited for the helicopter, Jessica suddenly said, "Johnny, you shouldn't blame Cordy."

John's eyes, however, were glued at the awards ceremony some distance away, which was continuing
after the brief interruption of Jessica’s mishap.

Cordy was there with Dicky.He turned when he heard Jessica, who continued, "She didn’t mean any

"I saw everything," he said flatly.

"You crossed into her trail and knocked her down."

Jessica blushed in embarrassment, surprised that John would speak so bluntly.

Even if she felt no emotion from his voice, she could more or less sense that accusing tone.

What was worse, he didn’t show the slightest bit of concern after she got hurt.

Hence, she had to bear with her frustration.

For appearance's sake, she forced herself to say, "I was careless.That's why I wanted to tell you, so
you won't misunderstand."

"Yeah," John replied, still aloof as ever.

Their helicopter arrived and started to descend just then, and the school was more than enough to
accommodate it.

Being an elite school, the students and parents were used to seeing such sights.

The appearance of the helicopter only caused a brief commotion before everything went back to

The first responders alighted, and quickly put Jessica on a stretcher before transporting her away.

John went with them, and texted Cordy just as he left.

[I'll leave Dicky with you.] Cordy just went on stage with Dicky to receive his medal, and glanced at the
text before replying: [Okay.] She looked up briefly at the direction from which the helicopter was
departing, showing not much emotion.

After the sports meet was formally over, Cordy drove home with Dicky.

While doing so, she called Zoe and asked, "Are you free tonight? How does dinner together sound?"

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I have an ad to shoot tonight —I'll only be back tomorrow."

Zoe had been flying frequently as of late.

"Oh, okay," Cordy replied.

"Is something the matter?" Zoe asked.

"No, but Dicky’s staying with me tonight. You were always complaining about being too busy to see
him, weren't you?"

"Have him stay a couple more days with you. I'll hang out with him once I come home tomorrow," Zoe
said quickly.

"Okay. Now get back to work—I'm driving anyway."

"Drive safe!"

As Cordy hung up, she shifted her hip and felt a sharp pang of pain. Still, she didn’t show it.Once she
got home, she ordered takeout while letting Dicky watch some television.

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