A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 293

Cordy stared coldly at Adam and Eva.

Even if they looked pitiable now, there was a reason for it.She took Dicky's hand, and told John, "I'll get
Dicky cleaned up since he has other events soon.As for the rest...do what you will."

John nodded—he really shouldn’t have worried that Cordy would be lenient.

Even if she never went out of her way to hurt others, she wasn’t the type to suffer an insult lying down.It
was what made her free-spirited yet domineering.

After Cordy left with Dicky, John turned back towards Adam and Eva, his gaze suddenly cold.

He wasn’t as soft as Cordy, who was satisfied with an eye for an eye.

Rather, he wanted ten eyes for one.

They were going to bankrupt him, was it? Well, he would show them what the term truly meant! As
Cordy gently wiped away the filth on Dicky's face, she asked sympathetically, "Are you upset you were
bullied, Dicky?"

"No, Mommy," Dicky grinned.

"You protected me, and daddy taught them a lesson.I also did to Jerry what he did to me, so I'm not

Still, his little face soon turned concerned.

"Are you sad, Mommy? They were saying bad things about you." Cordy smiled.

"Don't you know that mothers are strong?"

"What does that mean?"

Dicky didn’t quite understand her.

"That means I've become strong and invincible after I become a mother.No one can hurt me when I
have you.And didn't you try to protect me? I'm touched, so I'm not sad at all."

"I’ll always protect you," Dicky promised.

"Thank you, but you're still very young," Cordy said, her voice now stern.

You can't protect me when things get really dangerous, and you have to wait until you grow up.So,
even if I'm in danger, you have to listen to me when I tell you not to help me, alright?"

Dicky was reluctant—he would never abandon his mommy.

"You have to promise me," Cordy said very seriously, worried that if the day came and Dicky would
throw all caution into the air.He was just a child, after all.

"Okay," Dicky agreed to it immediately, seeing that his mommy was a little angry now.

"Good boy," Cordy said, patting his little head affectionately.

"Now, let's go.You have more events to take part in."

"Okay! "

Cordy brought Dicky to the running track, and he was just in time for the relay race.

Relay races had always been an event of excitement, and Cordy certainly felt emotional at the sight of
the children pushing themselves to the limit.

Dicky was the anchor leg, and he shot forward after getting the baton.He was behind at first, but soon
beat every kid at the very last moment and took first place.

As the crowd applauded, Jessica sprang to her feet in excitement too, having returned to her seat with

However, Dicky's eyes were always glued to Cordy, and he was beaming dazzlingly under the sun.

With the relay races over, the sports meet basically ended.

They just needed to wait until the awards ceremony.

Things went smoothly and therefore ended ahead of schedule, so the school decided to hold a parent-
child relay race within the class.

Naturally, it wasn’t an actual competition.

The class teachers quickly grouped the parents; since there were twenty people in each of the four
groups, that meant five children would be grouped with both parents of each child.

Jessica joined them eagerly, while John hesitated a little before following her to the running track.

Everyone queued up before the race, and Dicky appeared upset that it was Jessica standing behind
him instead of Cordy.

Jessica read his mind; she dropped to a crouch to rub his cheeks, and pretended to threaten him, "I'm
your godmother, and that means I'm your mommy too.

Give me attitude, and I'll kiss you."

Dicky shot John a wounded look, but John nodded at him; and so, he had to play along however

Still, he couldn’t resist turning to Cordy who was on the stands, and giving her an apologetic look.

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