A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 291

Even as Jessica followed John, she could feel his fury from the back when they reached the dressing
room and saw that Adam was about to hit Cordy.

As John's rage reached its peak, Jessica watched as he rose to his feet and strode up to Adam, whose
face had already turned pale.

On the other hand, Eva was still fearlessly snapping at John, "So you're Cordy's manwhore, huh? You
look well-dressed, so why would you sink so low for a slut like Cordy—"

Smack! John slapped Eva across the face, and the resulting smack was sonorous.

Eva was sent tumbling to the floor, unable to get up at all.

Everyone else was frightened by John's bloodcurdling demeanor— his forbidding presence left them
shuddering to the point they were too afraid to even breathe too loudly.

"You hit my mom? I'll kill you! My daddy will make you go bankrupt!"

Jerry threatened John viciously after seeing John hit his mother.

John merely approached Jerry; the boy was immediately frightened by the scary man before him, and
quickly ran to his daddy.However, Adam was already too scared to protect his own son.

"Dicky, come," John called out, and Dicky quickly ran up to him.

"What did he do to you?"

John's eyes were flashing with savagery, but his voice was mild as he spoke to Dicky.

After Dicky obediently repeated what happened to him, he said, "Bring the trash can here."


Dicky did so obediently.

Then, John told him, "Put it over his head."

Dicky was hesitant —having been disciplined since he was a toddler, he had never done something like

Nonetheless, John encouraged him, "When it comes to bullies, it has to be an eye for an eye.If not,
you'd always be bullied in the future.Understand?"

Dicky gritted his teeth, and promptly shoved the trash can over Jerry's head.

Jerry immediately started bawling.

Having been spoiled since he was a baby, he had never been given grief.He relentlessly tried to spur
his daddy on, but Adam didn’t bother to help.

Eva, still on the floor, promptly scrambled to her feet when she saw her son being bullied, and tried to
push Dicky away.

However, John shielded Dicky.

Adam promptly grabbed Eva and pulled her to his side.


"Are you crazy?!" Eva screamed at him.

"You're doing nothing while your son's being bullied! And you call yourself a man? You're even stopping
your own wife—"

"That's John Levine," Adam said with perfect clarity.

Eva almost froze when she heard the name.

Even if she was never involved in business, she had heard about the illustrious Levines, and how much
John Levine stood above the rest.

Now that she looked closer, she recognized that it was the same man she saw on the news.

She flinched inwardly; she began to remember all the things she said about Cordy, and her calling
John's son a b*st*rd...

As it turned out, Cordy's son was really John Levine's! Everyone in the country knows that John had a
son, but the mother's identity is unknown.

Most speculation always points towards Jessica Stuart...

To think that it was actually Cordy Sachs! Seized by terror, Eva dared not utter a single word.

Everyone else around them were all shaking in their boots after learning Dicky's identity, worried that
they were caught in the crossfire.

They were sure their sons were bullying Dicky too...

The consequences were unthinkable! As Jerry continued to squawk in the changing room, Dicky
breathed a sigh of relief.

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