A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 287

In the changing room, Dicky had just put on his clothes when a boy suddenly ran up to him and pushed
him to the floor.

Dicky glared coolly at the boy in return.

He recognized him—the boy was Jerry from the next class, who just came second in the swimming

Two tall and pudgy boys were with Jerry, staring Dicky down.

"You brat! You took first place from me! You're really asking for it! "

Jerry threatened Dicky viciously.

"It's a fair competition.No one’s taking from anyone,"

Dicky said righteously, but just as he was about to get off the floor, Jerry slammed his foot down his
little hand.

"Did I tell you to get up?!"

Jerry snapped.

Angered by Jerry's unreasonable outburst, Dicky pushed Jerry off firmly with his other hand.

Jerry stumbled several steps backwards, unable to believe that Dicky was actually resisting.

"How dare you push me? Do you know who I am? Do you know who my father is? He built this school!
I just have to tell on you the teachers, and you'll be expelled!" no.vel.e.book Dicky, however, refused to


Once he got off the floor, he started to leave.

"Stop right there!"

Jerry barked, but Dicky ignored him.

"Get him!"

Jerry promptly shouted at the two pudgy boys, who ran forward at his order; each grabbed one of
Dicky's arms.

They were clearly larger and pudgier than their peers, and kept Dicky firmly restrained while Jerry
walked up to Dicky.

"You ignored me, huh? Let me show you what it means to be rude!' At those words, he gave Dicky a
hard kick to the leg.Dicky clenched his teeth, but didn’t make a sound.

"Oh! You have balls, don't you?"

Jerry snorted.

He turned to pick up the trash can nearby and shoved it down Dicky's head.

Dicky had always been a clean freak, and the revolting odors inside the trash can almost left him

Jerry became even more smug at that, and laughed out loud when he saw Dicky's fair face now
absolutely filthy after taking off the trash can.

"Call me daddy! Promise you won't beat me in any other event, and I’ll let you go!"

"Dream on!"

Dicky was unrelenting.

"What did you say? Beat him up!"

Jerry barked at the two pudgy boys.But just as they raised their fist to punch Dicky...


Cordy yelled, incensed by the scene before her.It had been so long since she had felt so furious, and
she always was rational enough to accept even the worst thrown at her.

However, she lost all rationality and actually felt murderous when she saw Dicky being bullied! She had
been getting worried since she was waiting for quite a while outside the changing room.

The worst, she thought, would be Dicky falling down.

It never crossed her mind that Dicky would be bullied! The instant she got in, she was greeted by the
shocking sight of those ill-mannered boys about to beat up Dicky.

She strode up to them, pushing the boys away and taking Dicky into the safety of her arms.

With the loudest voice she ever used in her entire life, she shouted, "What on earth do you think you're

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