A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 285

John pursed his lips, but he didn’t turn around to reply.

Even so, Jessica remained standing behind him.

"Your grandfather requested me to visit," she explained.

He said it's been a while since I've come to North City, and that he missed me.I went straight to Levine
Manor, but he insisted that I come to you.I came because I couldn't refuse—I would've called ahead if I
had known.I'm sorry I made things so awkward."

John swallowed as he turned around to look at her, but he wasn’t angry and didn’t blame her for

Despite his guilt, he didn't have any kind words for her, and merely said bluntly, "Come on, I'll take you
back to your hotel."

Cold disappointment seized Jessica's heart.So, he still refused to let her stay here.

Even when they were abroad, he would send her home in the same manner—no matter how late it
was, or how many vacant rooms there were at his place.

Even after returning to Zidonia, he remained as distant as ever.

At first, Jessica used to think that it was because he was simply distant towards others.

Now, however, she understood all too well that he was simply uninterested in her, even though she had
stupidly waited for him to make the first move for years.

It was certainly too late for her to regret anything now.

Had she known this would happen, she would've given up on keeping up appearances and tried to woo
him straight on.

Had she done that, Cordy Sachs wouldn’t have a chance to sneak in between them! Even as she got in
John's car and left his apartment, he still spoke very little.

She could feel his distaste and anger towards their engagement, but he never took it out on her or
demanded a reason.

In fact, he didn’t react at all when she told him that she didn’t know and was forced into it.

He remained as cold as he always was towards her.

"Johnny," she called out.

"Yeah," he replied, though he didn’t bother to turn and look at her.His eyes stayed glued outside the

"I heard there's a sports meet in Dicky's school tomorrow."


"Your grandfather asked me to go with you.I was going to say no, but he said—"

"You can come along,"

John agreed immediately.

Jessica couldn’t stop herself from smiling just then.

Even if John was exceedingly distant towards her, he wouldn’t turn her down for anything.She really
was different compared to other women.

The next day, Cordy woke up to a call from Dicky.


"Hello, Dicky," she replied tenderly.

"Did you forget there's a sports meet at my school today?" he reminded her.

"No, but..."

"Are you breaking our promise, Mommy?"

Dicky's voice was instantly filled with sorrow.

"No, I'll definitely be there."

Cordy couldn’t say no to him.

Dicky definitely inherited John's slyness, even if their methods were different.

They obviously know what to do to achieve their objectives.

"It starts at one o’clock.I'll be waiting for you, Mommy,"

Dicky reminded her again.


After hanging up, Cordy headed to her office, attended meetings, and made arrangements for work.

Then, she had a quick lunch before leaving in a hurry.

When she did, she changed into casualwear, which was more appropriate for the sports meet.

Upon arriving at Dicky's school outside the gates, it turned out that security was registering all arrivals.

Cordy was uncertain if she could enter, but the security guard said to her, "Richard Levine's mother,
yes? You may enter."

Her heart skipped a beat, and she couldn’t help asking, "How did you know?"

"Every student would register the name and number of their parents," the security guard explained.

Warmth blossomed in Cordy’s heart.

"Alright, thank you."

"You're welcome."

With that, she entered the school and headed to the main hall.

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