A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 277

Jessica could read Noel's mind clearly.

Nonetheless, she still asked, "What do you say, Miss Sachs?"

Noel was beside herself with joy, but restrained herself from letting it show.She had been feeling utterly
indignant ever since Plum and Sue stopped Simon from trying to give her his shares.

Sonny had nothing going for him at all! What gave him the right to inherit the family's estate? Was
everyone else obliged to work for him just because he was Simon's son?! Dream on! No one could
stop Noel from getting what she wanted.

Family? She would kill anyone who got in her way, no questions asked.


"Alright," Noel replied, suddenly agreeing to it.

"What do you need me to do?" Jessica flashed an icy smile.

"I like direct people like you.As for what..."

Noel was left stunned after Jessica elaborated her plan in detail.

To think that Jessica would go that far just to bury Cordy Sachs six feet under! Noel had to admit, the
thought of Cordy losing everything filled her with irrepressible excitement.

Being the calculative woman she was, she said, "What if you won’t give me Sachs Enterprises even
after you succeed? You’re so high up the pecking order, I'd never dare accuse you of anything.In the

first place, the plan is cloak-and-dagger stuff, and I'd have to suffer in silence.Of course, I’m not
doubting your character.But in a partnership, mutual trust works best."

Jessica handed Noel another document—a signed stock transfer certificate.

"That's ten percent of Sachs Enterprises shares," she said.

Noel was thrilled at the mere sight of it.

"Your father had half the company's shares, but had to split ten to Cordy,"

Jessica continued nonchalantly.

"As for this ten percent, it had been purchased from other shareholders of the company.Naturally, I’ve
already bought their silence, so you don't have to worry about your father noticing.Once you’ve done
what I asked, Pll buy another thirty-one percent.That makes you the majority shareholder of Sachs
Enterprises.With that, everything you say in the company goes."

Delight was written all over Noel's face.She was beaming all over from sheer excitement.

Jessica had done her homework with Sachs Enterprises even before their partnership — Noel didn’t
have to doubt the former’s abilities or sincerity.

"Alright.Give me time, and I’ll definitely satisfy you," Noel said confidently.

"I'll be waiting," Jessica replied with a wicked smile.

Still, Noel added, "I shall be going if there's nothing else."

"No one must know about our deal, Miss Sachs," Jessica reminded Noel.

"I've never met you, remember?" Noel said very clearly.

Jessica flashed the same wicked smile again—Noel certainly had brains.

"See you around."

Noel picked up the stock certificate and left, her eyes flashing darkly as she did.Cordy couldn’t blame
her for being ruthless.

After all, it was Cordy’s own fault for messing with someone she shouldn’t have messed with.

Of course, the only outcome of that was Cordy’s destruction! The widespread condemnation of Kyle
reached new heights.

Jessop Corps’ stocks dropped to rock bottom.

Their company was already facing a major crisis, and Kyle’s scandal only worsened things, especially
with no one standing up to help them.

Their fate was sealed when Simon Sachs announced in public that he would cut all ties with the
Jessops after what Kyle had done to his daughters.

Just as Jessop Corp was forced to announce their bankruptcy, news came from the West Point
Detention Center stating that Kyle was found dead after commiting suicide.

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