A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 274

Noel quickly flashed a sweet smile and greeted Cordy affectionately, "Hello, sister."

Cordy, for her part, was actually curious as to why Noel would still care about Kyle.


Was Noel planning to tell Kyle how evil she really was, all on her own volition?! Still, Cordy ignored
Noel; unlike Noel, Cordy was incapable of being a two-faced snake.

However, Cordy came to a sudden realization when she stepped out of the detention center and saw
the journalists camping outside the gates.

Of course! Noel wouldn’t get her perfect ending without a superb last act.

As such, Cordy quickly made her way to her car and left before the journalists could realize what had
just happened.

In the visitor's room, Noel sat opposite Kyle.She didn’t seem at all guilty to see Kyle's tragic state.She
believed he deserved it—that he had fallen for her schemes because of his own moronic

And now, everything that had happened was caused by his own folly.

It had nothing to do with her, really.


Kyle called out to her ever so softly, even reaching out to hold her hand.He knows that every word
Cordy said was the gospel truth.

Even so, he refused to accept it; at the very least, he could feel better about himself even if he was
lying to himself.

And yet, Noel evaded him before he could stretch out his hand.She snapped with clear contempt,
"Don't touch me with your dirty paws!"

Kyle stared fixedly at her, his eyes bloodshot.

Noel couldn’t be bothered to hide her disdain, even when she used to appear so attached and deeply
in love with him.

Kyle was in turn forced to withdraw his hands, clenching them into knuckles instead.

With that, Noel cut to the chase.

"I came to see you to tell you very clearly that we’re breaking up.From now on, you and your family
have nothing to do with me."

In fact, she had no intention of wasting her time on him at all.

For the sake of maintaining her act, however, she had to force herself.

"You said you'd forgive me for whatever I did," Kyle snorted.

"And now, you're already cutting ties?"

"What else would I do?"

Noel asked, her expression the definition of scorn.

"I know you're not getting back up, and that it's all over for your family.Am I supposed to follow you to
your death? Why don't you take a look in a mirror to see how ugly you look right now? Think if you

actually still deserve me."


Kyle suddenly laughed, and kept laughing until he started to shed tears.She used to lean on him,
calling him 'dear' and 'darling' while always insisting that he was the man she loved most in the whole

Yet, it all turned out to be fake.

When he looked up at Noel again, his eyes were filled with murderous hatred for her.He asked, "Cordy
said you’ve never loved me, and you only seduced me because I was her boyfriend.Is that true?"

Noel appeared unconcerned about his fury, however.

After all, he was completely insignificant to her right now.

"I’d rather you didn't know so you can have some dignity left," Noel said, shrugging nonchalantly.

"But since Cordy told you, I guess I have to just say it straight. Yes, I’ve never loved you. I seduced you
only because you were her boyfriend, and I’ll take anything that's hers. Now, she has abandoned you
and fell out of love for you. You have no value to me anymore."

Noel's unrestrained confession provoked Kyle greatly. He knew he shouldn’t react at all, but he
suddenly sprang to his feet and reached out, intent on strangling her.

Startled, Noel quickly backed away in fear.

The warden in the room with them immediately barked at Kyle, "Keep it down!"

Still, the warden only restrained Kyle's hand instead of slamming his head on the table and pin him
down—like he did before, when Cordy was here.

"Are you crazy?!" Noel cried, infuriated.

"You almost killed me! It's your own fault you fell for me! It’s all because you were that stupid! Did you
think you'd fall for my tricks if you were a bit smarter? Why don't you think for a moment that Cordy
could see through what you couldn't? You deserve everything that has happened to you!"

"I'll kill you, Noel Sachs!"

Kyle shrieked, completely losing his mind.He wanted nothing more than to take her down with him at
that very moment.

Nonetheless, Noel simply scorned him until the end.

"You? Kill me? Ha! Do you really think you can? You're nothing but a sore loser, barking like a dirty
mongrel! I don't mind telling you the truth.The only reason I came to visit is to stage an act for the press
so I could get off scot-free, not out of lingering sentiment for you! And once my family pulls out our
financial backing for Jessop Corp, yours will have no choice but to announce bankruptcy!"

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