A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 270

Just then, someone sent a message to Cordy's WhatsApp.She opened her app to find that it was John.

[Do you want to cover up the news?] The news and public opinion was clearly in their favor, but John
was worried Cordy wouldn't be able to endure it.

[No need, ] Cordy replied bluntly.

She didn't agree with Noel's cruel methods, but Cordy wasn't kind enough to pity the man who had
wanted to hurt her.She would simply sit back and enjoy the show.

[Got it.] With that, Cordy exited the app.

She got up from the couch and stretched her still sore body before saying to Zoe, "I'm going to lie down
for a while."Zoe was still reading the news on her phone, clearly worked up, but she nodded in

"I'm sure you're exhausted from last night.Go ahead and get some rest."

The younger woman didn't even look up at Cordy and her full attention was on her phone.

Cordy guessed that she was probably cursing out Kyle with the other people in the thread while also
enjoying the drama.

Rather than an actress, Cordy thought Zoe would’ve been more suited to be a gossip reporter.

At the Sachs family residence, Simon was so happy when he read the news that he roared with

"Kyle was arrested because of this scandal, and Noel has become a victim.With this, I can justify not
giving any financial help to Jessop Corp.I can even hold my head up proudly to condemn his family!
Oh, this is a great move!"

Noel was naturally also in a good mood, even though not everything had gone according to her plan.

After all, she had really wanted Kyle to defile Cordy; they would’ ve been labeled cheaters if they had
slept together behind her back.

Kyle's reputation would’ve taken a hit, which would be a good reason for Noel to break up with him.

Cordy would also suffer.It would’ve been hitting two birds with one stone, but she hadn't expected John
to interfere halfway through.

When Noel saw what happened through the miniature camera she had installed secretly, she turned
green with envy.She didn't understand.

Didn't John already have a fiancee? Why would he still go out of his way to rescue Cordy? When Noel
saw John rush in, she genuinely thought John would actually kill Kyle with how brutally he beat the
latter up.

Noel refused to admit it, but with the facts right before her; it was evident John still held strong feelings
for Cordy.

Since that was the case, Noel didn't dare do much to Cordy.It would be easy for John to get revenge on
Noel if he wanted to, so she only let the fact that Cordy had been the victim if this matter was leaked.

The main reason to get the public fired up about this was not so that Kyle would get a heavy
punishment, but rather as a reasonable excuse for Noel to break up with him.

"All that's left is for me to appear in the media and announce my breakup with Kyle.Then we'll have no
connections to the Jessop family anymore," Noel said sweetly.

Wearing such a harmless and obedient look, she made it seem like such a cruel conspiracy had
nothing to do with her.

"Noel, you're making me look at you in a different light," Simon said, clearly satisfied with what he

There was evident affection for his daughter in his eyes, and he continued, "I should've brought a
talented child like you to work in Sachs Enterprise a long time ago.Tomorrow, you'll follow me to the
office, and I'll ensure you have a good position.Also, I said I'd give you some shares before, so-"

"Simon," Sue suddenly called out from beside him, causing Simon to shoot her an unhappy look.

"Noel’s still young, and the same could be said about you.Handing out your shares so early in the years
is inappropriate.We're family, so what's yours will eventually be hers, no?" Sue said.

"I'm sure Noel cares more about our family bond than the shares.Isn’t that right, Noel?"

Of course Noel cared about the shares! Who wanted to work for nothing? Her aunt had no real power
in Sachs Enterprise.

The older woman had no place to raise her head proudly or have any say in anything, and Noel wasn’t
about to follow in her footsteps!

"I think Sue has a point," Plum said before Noel could respond.

"We're all family.Giving out company shares like this makes it seem like you're an outsider, don't you
think, Noel?"

That wasn’t it! The Sachs family valued males more than females, so Plum and Sue obviously wanted
to leave everything to Sonny.

Noel hadn't thought about fighting for it before, but that was also because she assumed she couldn’t
get it even if she did.However, Cordy had taken Starstream Group.Now, Noel was left with only Sachs
Enterprise.She was extremely upset at the turn of events, but she still managed to smile gently on the
outside.Yes.We're family, and I don't really care about that."

Sonny was beside himself with glee.

Cordy and Noel were unprofitable goods as they were daughters of the family, yet they wanted to fight
with him to inherit their family's assets.

Well, there was no way in hell they'd have the chance!

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