A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 269

After dinner, Cordy and Zoe sat on the couch in the living room, eating fruit and drinking coffee as they
watched TV.

As Zoe was in the entertainment industry, it was easy to make her laugh.

Simply watching a variety show was enough to get her rolling around in laughter.

Life seemed much happier when you were with someone who loved to laugh.

Cordy pulled out her phone to check her messages, as was her habit.

Even if she didn't go to work, she still had to deal with work.

While replying to her messages, she listened to Zoe's exaggerated laughter beside her.

Cordy didn't think it was noisy.

Rather, she found the sound comforting.

Once she was done dealing with work, Cordy browsed through the news.

Her breath stuttered when she saw what was on it, and her expression changed.

Zoe had finished laughing after the last joke on TV, and was about to get another cup of coffee when
she saw Cordy's face.

"What's wrong?" Zoe asked.

She was afraid now to see a frown on Cordy's face, because that meant something bad was going to

"There's news about how Kyle almost raped me last night," Cordy said in an unusually calm manner.

Zoe was not as restrained as her and immediately jumped to her feet.

"What? Kyle set you up last night?!"

Zoe's focus had always been different compared to others.

"Yeah," Cordy replied.

"That scumbag! I thought he was just a pretentious *sshole, but he turned out to be such a lowlife!"

Zoe cursed.

Cordy didn't reply to that, and focused on the news article.It didn't have many details, except that Kyle
was now in police custody for forcibly trying to defile her.

There were several photos of her and Kyle on a bed.

It was clear from the photos that she was fighting back, while Kyle was trying to force himself on her.

When the news article came out, it immediately became viral.

Cordy's first assumption was that John was behind this.

Kyle would only get the maximum punishment if the public were enraged.

However, after calming down, she felt something was amiss.

John wouldn't have hidden in the shadows and shown up at the last minute.

Hence, this could only mean...

Cordy narrowed her eyes, instantly guessing who had done it.

She couldn't help but bite her lip in anger.

Noel was truly ruthless.

She only cared about herself and didn’t give a damn about Cordy, even though they were family.

No matter how bad Kyle was as a person, at the very least, he had still been sincere toward Noel.

Yet, she had so easily stabbed the man in the back without any regard for him.

Zoe had also pulled out her phone and was cursing while looking through the news.

The comment section in the article was filled with insults to Kyle.

{#123}You think you know who a person really is, but you don't, huh? I didn't expect Kyle to be such a
disgusting person!) (Putting aside how he cheated, he actually tried to rape his ex- girlfriend? Wow, he
just refreshed my perspective of the world.] (Noel, open your eyes wide and look! Is this man seriously
worthy of your love? You should break up right now!)

(This kind of person should be given severe punishment.His actions shouldn't be condoned or
tolerated! He's rotten to the core!

({#123}Everyone! Let's boycott Jessop Corp! It's shameful to wear clothing from that brand!) Kyle’s reputation
had taken a plunge, and he had become notorious overnight.

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