A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 264

Once John dozed off, he slept deeply through the night.He didn't realize when Cordy woke up and
slipped away.

In fact, history had repeated itself.

Last night, he helped Cordy wash her body after she fell asleep.He was afraid she would catch a cold.

Once he was done and had taken a shower, he suddenly felt wide awake.His mind was filled with
thoughts on explaining the state they were in come morning. novel.e.book By the time he fell asleep,
the sun had already started to rise.

However, he silently told himself he would not oversleep as he had back then.He couldn't let Cordy slip
through his fingers again, and he would explain everything clearly.

Luckily, he did manage to wake up just as she was about to leave.

Though she was looking at him in a disdainful manner.


John started to explain.

Cordy shook his hand off and said, "Just forget about last night.What happened, happened.I'm already
used to it.Once you wake up, you should leave."

"Last night, we-"

"I don't want to hate you more than I do now,"

Cordy interrupted again, turning back to look at John.The moment her eyes landed on the man, she

After John sat up, the covers fell off his body, and his naked torso was on display.

The lingering scratches and bloodied marks on his body were hideous to look at...Especially his neck.It
was horrifying.

There were teeth marks, deep and red.

Cordy swallowed harshly and suddenly remembered what John had said before; that if she had stayed
back then, she would have seen the wounds and bruises he had been covered in.

As it turned out, he hadn't been lying.

Cordy turned away and said coldly, "If I blame you for what happened last night, it would be ungrateful
of me since what could’ve happened instead would have been worse.I was an idiot when dealing with
Kyle, and it was his fault that last night happened.Compared to what could’ve happened...Well, I rather
it not have been Kyle.You saved me, and I should be thankful to you. novel.e.book However, my
feelings are a different matter altogether.There are also things I can't accept, even if I fall apart.The
trauma and shadows in my heart from when I was eighteen haven't receded.Repeating the same
mistake now has just...left me reluctant to face it."

John stared at Cordy, looking at how she struggled to suppress her emotions.She clearly held a lot of
hatred for him, but she was doing her best to accept the situation.

"Consider it my selfish desire.I don't want to talk about anything that happened last night, nor do I want
to remember anything about it.I'll fool myself and pretend that nothing happened," Cordy continued.

"So...You should leave."

"I won't," John suddenly said firmly with no hesitation.His eyes were determined, and there was a hint
of anger in them.

Cordy bit her lips hard.Her eyes also filled with rage.

"What right do you have to dislike me so much?"

John shot back.Cordy clenched her fist and pushed down the emotions that threatened to surface.

"It was both our first times, yet somehow, mine isn't worth anything?" John exclaimed, looking at her

Cordy felt her heart waver slightly.She was speechless.

"Besides, you forced yourself on me!" John said bluntly.

"Shouldn't you take responsibility for me?!"

Cordy was irritated by his words.She seldom got angry, especially when it came to her feelings.She
always thought she could face them openly, but at this moment, she couldn't stop herself.

Feeling like a dam had broken in her, she yelled, "What do you want from me, then? To marry you?! Do
you have what it takes to marry me? Don't forget that you have a fiancee, John! What right do you have
to ask me to take responsibility for you?! As an engaged man, you still couldn't resist the temptation!
Forget about last time.You were still young and impulsive! Now that you're older and more mature, you
should know your limits.Yet, you were still pulled into bed by a woman so easily.Don't you feel ashamed
of yourself?!"

"Did I f*cking touch you last night?! I knew you'd react like this and turn it on me, which was why I didn't
touch a single hair on you even though I felt like I was about to explode!" John roared back angrily.

He had never lost control like this before, and didn't even hold back from swearing.

"It wasn't because of that bullsh*t about me being an engaged man, but because I was afraid you’d
hate me!"

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