A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 262

After the doctor finished speaking, he didn't get a reply from John for a long while.

After a while, he couldn't help but call out cautiously again, "Mr.Levine?"

"So, there's no other way?"

John's voice was tight, and it held a slight tremble.

"Yes," the doctor replied.

"Okay.I got it."

John hung up the phone abruptly.He was going to lose his mind.

John kept taking deep breaths to keep his sanity so he could focus on driving.He finally arrived at North
Garden's underground car park; after parking, he took off his seatbelt and left the car.The moment he
left, Cordy became visibly upset.

Outside, John took a few seconds to forcefully calm himself before opening the passenger side door to
bring Cordy out.He quickly brought her to the elevator and pressed the button for her floor.

During this time, Cordy shifted around restlessly in his arms.Her dainty hands had already ripped a few
buttons on his white shirt, revealing firm muscles.

When the elevator arrived on the floor, John rushed out and rang the doorbell.He couldn't punch in the
security code with Cordy in his arms.

Zoe yanked the door open almost immediately in a rough manner, the worry on her face obvious.Her
eyes were red when she saw Cordy in her cousin's arms. novel.e.book She had been in the house

waiting, frightened out of her mind as time passed.She kept calling John, who didn't answer, and she
knew the man must have gone out to save Cordy.She also knew she could trust him with his abilities,
but that didn't stop her from fretting when she didn't receive news or any updates.

The suffocating feeling in her heart finally loosened when she saw Cordy with her own eyes and in
John's arms.

However, when Zoe took a closer look at Cordy, she panicked once more.

Zoe had never seen Cordy in this state.Her impression of Cordy was that the woman was always
majestic and noble.

Cordy was above the common people, and she looked like a goddess in any formal dress.

On top of that, she always had a pure and beautiful face.

Zoe never thought Cordy could look so seductive and alluring...to the point she could feel a nosebleed

Plus, looking at how John was all sweaty and breathing heavily...

Well, John wasn’t in that state because he was hugging Cordy, right? It was obvious he had been
teased to the point he was about to reach his breaking point.

In conclusion...

Cordy really had been set up and drugged tonight.

Just who the hell was so sinister and despicable to commit such a repulsive act?! Before Zoe could say
anything, John hurriedly pushed past her and into Cordy's bedroom, and placed Cordy down.

As soon as she was released, Zoe saw that John was going to leave, but Cordy reached out to hook
her arms around his neck She pressed hot, wet kisses on John's lips...

Oh my god! Zoe was stunned speechless at the scene before her.

Was this something she could watch? Could she really watch this happen before her for free? Oh god,
this was too much.

More importantly, it was so beautiful! Zoe suddenly felt that it was a pity the two before her wouldn’t
make an R-rated film.

"Get out!"

John hissed, his expression grave.

His tone jerked Zoe out of her daze.

See no evil! Zoe immediately turned around to leave, but she suddenly remembered something and
hurriedly said, "Don't forget to be gentle when you...umm, yeah.You look like you're about to lose your
mind, so you better not hurt Cordy..."

Zoe was frightened by John's blood-shot eyes.

How long had he been holding back? It looked like his eyes were filled with blood! novel.e.book Those
who didn't know probably would think that John was the one who had been drugged instead! Well, Zoe
didn't blame John for how he looked.

Who could resist Cordy when she was in that state? Closing the door behind her, Zoe gave the matter
a quick ponder before deciding to exit the unit completely.

She needed to give them enough space to do what they needed to do, right? Obviously, she could read
the room.

Back in the room, John scooped Cordy into his arms again and carried her to the bathroom, where he
quickly turned on the shower and drenched Cordy under the cold water.

The sudden temperature change made Cordy shiver violently.

It was October now, and the nights were cooler than usual.

Cordy shot John a pitiful look, and it looked like she had regained consciousness for a second.

John's heart ached at the look in her eyes.

"I'm afraid you'll kill me when you get up tomorrow morning," John confessed.

Cordy blinked her large doe eyes, looking just like an abandoned puppy.

The last time they were in this situation, she had given him the same look when he refused her.It had
been impossible for him to reject such a look, and so he let go and indulged, losing control of himself.

He almost died in her bed that night.

Of course, the entire blame didn't rest on Cordy's shoulders.

John himself had lost control that night.

This time...he wouldn't let his heart soften.He dared not imagine how disgusted Cordy would be
tomorrow when she returned to her senses if he did.

The last time he indulged in it, Cordy had hated his guts for so many years.

This time, it was possible that she would hate him for the rest of her life.

He couldn't be deceived by the look before him now.

Despite everything, she could easily become hostile at the drop of a hat.

However, John tensed up at the next moment.

Cordy wasn't the only one under the cold shower.He was standing under it too.He was not in any better
state than her.

The difference was, he still retained his rational mind; hers was all but gone.

Cordy pressed her wet body closer to him.

Her clothes had soaked through now, and almost everything beneath them was visible.

Though she was under cold water, her hands were scarily hot to the touch, and she pressed him down
on the ground.

Water was everywhere on the floor, and the cold water continued to beat down on them.

It didn't help the heated atmosphere at all.

Cordy bent down and sank her teeth down into his neck harshly, as if retaliating against him for pushing
her away.

John squeezed his eyes shut.

Seriously, Cordy was going to be the death of him.

The following day at dawn, the curtains fluttered gently in the morning breeze.

Sunlight shone through the cracks and spilled onto the floor.

Cordy opened her eyes to the warmth on her face, but immediately winced when the painful aches in
her body made themselves known.She felt like her body was falling apart.

For a moment, she couldn't react or tell where she was.

It was as if she had short-term amnesia and could not remember anything from last night.She blinked
and looked around, her eyes landing on the man lying beside her.

His head was buried under the covers, and his back was toward her.He was sleeping soundly, and his
breathing was even.He didn't show any signs of waking.

She suddenly recalled the same scene when she had opened her eyes in the morning back when she
was eighteen years old.

At that time, she had been so shocked that she scrambled out of bed and fell to the ground.

In a flurry of motions, she grabbed her clothes and fled as quickly as she could.


Had she...

Transmigrated back to the past?!

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