A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 259

Chapter 259

Cordy felt the pill enter her mouth, but she refused to swallow. It was something

Kyle gave her, so it couldn’t be anything good.

The two of them were in a stalemate for a while.

Kyle covered Cordy’s nose, and the sudden choking sensation that washed over

her forced her to open her mouth. At the same time, Kyle grabbed the mineral

water next to her and poured it forcefully into her mouth.

Since her nose was covered, she was unable to stop her body’s instincts and

swallowed the white pill that washed down her throat with the water.

Enter title…

The most wicked smile broke out on Kyle’s face. “Do you want to know what you

just took?”

Cordy glared at him with cold, hard eyes.

Only hate remained in them.

“I thought I’d never see any other emotions in your eyes even if you died, you

know? Do you know how much I love that look on your face? I was really sick of

how indifferent you looked all the time!” Kyle hissed through clenched teeth. “I

gave you an aphrodisiac. Soon, you’ll feel like dying from overwhelming desire

and lust!”

Cordy had already guessed what it was earlier once she knew what Kyle planned

to do. He was going to make indecent videos in such a way to force her to work

with him.

“Did Noel teach you that?” Cordy asked as she tried to calm her beating heart.

“No!” Kyle denied it immediately. ‘She wouldn’t do such despicable things!”

“So you admit you’re despicable?”

“You forced my hand! If you had worked with Jessop Corp and me, I wouldn’t

have needed to go to this extent! You’re the one to blame here!


“Have you ever thought about the consequences of doing this?”

“You’ll have no choice but to work with me, of course.”

“I’ll tell you what will happen! Even if I die in your hands, there’s no way I’ll work

with Jessop Corp! I’ll never help your family, either! Do you really think you can

threaten me with this, Kyle?’

“Aren’t you afraid I’ll post a video of the two of us making love online?

Everyone will see your naked body. What if John sees it? You won’t have the

right to be even his mistress once that happens! The internet is a more terrifying

place than you can ever imagine, Cordy!”

“Do you think I’ve never experienced it? What the hell did I experience when I

was eighteen? It’s just a repeat of the past, and it won’t have any effect on me!

What you’ll get is your own ruin and Jessop Corp’s!” Cordy said with conviction.

“I don’t believe that you don’t care at all!” At this point, Kyle couldn’t be reasoned

with anymore. “Do you think I can back out now that I’ve come this far? If I let you

go, you’ll immediately call the police to arrest me. I know very well the kind of

person you are, Cordy!”

“If you release me, I promise I won’t call the police.”

“Hah,” Kyle said with a disdainful smile.

He wasn’t convinced at all.

“If you really do this today, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life,” Cordy

threatened. “John will kill you!”

“How dare you use John’s name to threaten me! John has a wife, and you’re just

his mistress! Do you think he’ll kill someone for you?” Kyle mocked. “You really

think the world revolves around you, huh?”

“You’ll really die a miserable death!”

“So what if I die?” Kyle didn’t care anymore at this point. There was no reason to

turn around now. ‘ Wouldn’t it be romantic to die in the midst of making love?”

Cordy glared fiercely at Kyle with bloodshot eyes.

“You should be honored that I don’t find you disgusting. You slept with a man at

eighteen and gave birth to a stillborn child, and now you’ve even slept with John.

What right do you have to act so pure and righteous? You should be grateful that

I’m still interested in your body,” Kyle said, dragging his fingers on the curves of

her body. “Well, you can’t be that bad, right? Since John’s so obsessed with you.’

Kyle’s disgusting words kept ringing in Cordy’s ears.

“By the way, I might as well tell you. This place is where I cheated on you with

Noel. It’s covered with traces of my lovemaking with her. Don’t you think what

we’re about to do here is so exciting?”

His voice was sickening, but it was the only thing that kept echoing in her ears.

She bit her lip as she felt her body tremble.

She knew very well that it was useless to say anything to Kyle now. He had come

this far, and there was no room to back out for him.

An unnatural feeling started to overcome her, and she felt her body react


It was the same feeling she had when she was eighteen, and her face was

completely flushed.

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