A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 253

Chapter 253

“Sorry to disturb you,” Jay said apologetically. “Zoe fell asleep.”

“It’s fine, since…” Cordy trailed off, then continued, “Could you bring her in?” 1

Jay didn’t ask anything further and simply followed Cordy through the house,

then placed Zoe in Cordy’s bed. From the start to the end, Zoe hadn’t moved a


After releasing her, Jay left Cordy’s room with the latter following him.

When they reached the living room, Jay handed her the medicine John had

asked him to buy just now.

Enter title…

Cordy was stunned.

Jay explained, “Johnny asked me to give you this.”

Cordy pursed her lips but said nothing. There was a dark bruise on her neck from

when Bryson held her tonight. She hadn’t thought that John had noticed.

“Thank you,” Cordy said, accepting it.

She accepted simply because she didn’t want to make things difficult for Jay and

didn’t want to make a big fuss out of something small.

Jay actually knew what was going through Cordy’s mind. The more calm she

acted, the more she didn’t care. He really couldn’t guarantee that John would be

able to regain her in the future.

“By the way,’ Jay added. “There’s a box of hangover pills in there. If Zoe gets up

tomorrow with a hangover, please give her some.”

“Okay,” Cordy promised. Then, she said slowly, “If you can’t promise a future with

her, please stay away from her.”

Jay’s heart skipped a beat.

“There wouldn’t be a disappointment if there’s no hope in the first place,” Cordy

said bluntly.

“Yeah,” Jay replied, nodding.

He clearly knew what Cordy was talking about, and said politely, “Please excuse

my intrusion.”

“It’s fine,” Cordy replied, giving him a courteous smile.

The two really didn’t know each other well, and they had only crossed paths a

few times. This time, however, it was clearly more awkward than ever.

Perhaps it was because of Zoe.

Or maybe it was because of John.

Either way, Jay left quickly after that. Cordy returned to her room to find Zoe still

sleeping deeply.

In fact, she was snoring louder now.

Cordy was a little envious of Zoe’s personality. Even with a broken heart, she

could still sleep so deeply without a care for anything.

The following day, Zoe woke up with a pounding headache. She already knew

that today would be unbearable as she hadn’t had enough sleep, and had also

drunk a lot of alcohol last night.

She picked up her phone to check the time, and saw that it was already three in

the afternoon.

She initially thought she would come back to talk to Cordy and comfort the latter

a little, maybe slipping in a few good words about John. However, she didn’t even

know how she got back.

Zoe struggled to get out of bed, walking to the living room with puffy eyes. While

scrolling through the messages on her phone, she walked to the kitchen to get

some cold water to drink. When she reached the fridge, she saw a note on it: I

didn’t know what time you’d get up, so I didn’t prepare any breakfast for you.

Remember to order delivery once you’re up and eat something. If you have a

headache, take the hangover pills on the table. Also, your period’s coming soon,

so try not to drink anything cold.

Cordy always did things that touched Zoe.

Zoe mused that if Cordy were a man, or if Zoe were one, Zoe definitely would’ve

married Cordy in a heartbeat.

Turning around, she grabbed a glass, got warm water from the faucet instead,

and took one of the pills on the table. Then, she texted Cordy. [ What time did

you leave today?] 1

[Seven in the morning.]

[Doesn’t that mean that you didn’t sleep last night?] Zoe was concerned.

Cordy replied, [I did get some sleep. Make sure you eat something, okay? I have

a meeting soon.]

[Your health is important.] Zoe admonished.

[I know.]

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