A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 250

Chapter 250

John tightened his grip on the wine glass after listening to Zoe’s words.

“To be honest, even though you’re my cousin, I really think you don’t deserve

Cordy. She’s had such tragic experiences in her past, and when she finally

managed to gain her confidence and fall in love again, this person dealt a fatal

blow to her. I can’t even imagine how much she’s hurting right now! I’m worried

she wont ever dare to love anyone again,” Zoe said, obviously troubled.

Cordy was clearly a great woman, so why was God so cruel to her?

She suffered terrible blows one after another.

Enter title…

“I was only…” John trailed off and put down his glass, hanging his head low.

“Afraid that she would leave.”

How could he not be afraid? After she had experienced so much, what would

happen if she did close off her heart, then turned around and left? Of course he

was afraid of those things happening!

He also knew that the solution to this problem between him and Cordy was to

break off his engagement with Jessica.


He needed time.

He couldn’t break it off so easily without any regard for his family’s safety, and he

couldn’t sever his ties entirely with his grandfather, regardless of what the older

man had done. In fact, if he did any of that, it would harm Cordy instead.

If John gave up his reputation, wealth, and power, how could he protect Cordy

from the forces that came after her?

So, breaking off the engagement required some time to carry out the process,

one that was deliberate and calculated.

His only fear was that Cordy would drift too far away from him before he could

fully achieve his goal. He wasn’t even confident that he would be able to get her


Once Cordy gave up on them, she would never give him another chance.

Just like what she did with Kyle.

Even though Kyle had been with Cordy tonight, John hadn’t needed to check

whether the two had rekindled. Cordy’s personality was such that she would

never look back and regret her decisions or do anything to change it.

Thus, he had to go to her now and hope that he could convince her to wait for

him and not feel disappointed in him.

Zoe listened to John, and felt her heart ache for him.

John was a strong but introverted man. When he spoke, she could practically

hear how brokenhearted he was.

One would only be afraid of losing love if it was deep, wasn’t it? That was when

one knew that pride would do nothing here and had to be set aside.

Zoe was at a loss at how to comfort the two of them.

Between them, it didn’t seem like either one was at fault. It was only unfortunate

that fate was toying with them.

She downed several glasses of wine before she solemnly suggested, “How about

this? Since I live with Cordy, I’ll help you watch over her. I’ll talk you up more in

her presence, and if I get any clues from her, I’ll let you know immediately. You

focus on breaking the engagement and leave Cordy to me for now.”

John looked up at Zoe with an unreadable expression.

“Aren’t you glad you have a cousin like me?” Zoe smiled smugly, praising herself.

“…Yeah,” John admitted in a rare moment of gentleness.

Zoe was overwhelmed by the confession. Since she was a child, her cousin had

never praised her. When he had checked over her homework once, he even

doubted whether she was truly a child of the Levine family!

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