A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 249

Chapter 249

John kept his head hung low and didn’t respond to Zoe for a long time. For a

moment, Zoe thought he had fallen asleep. After all, it was four in the morning.

She had just returned from an outstation announcement, and was also very


Just as she thought that, John slowly raised his head and replied, “Let’s go.”

Wait, really? She had only offered to be nice. More than anything, she wanted to

burrow under the warm covers of her bed right now.

Regardless, Zoe followed John out for a late-night snack.

Enter title…

They chose a small street store. The good thing was that there wasn’t anyone

else around at such a late hour, and she was so heavily armed that no one

recognized her.

“John, shouldn’t you drink less?’ Zoe said, trying to discourage him from drinking

too much.

She couldn’t sit idly and watch as her cousin drowned himself in alcohol ever

since he sat down.

So many dishes were before him, but he hadn’t even touched his utensils. It

wouldn’t be strange if he got alcohol poisoning from the way he was downing the

drinks without eating a bite.

John ignored her and continued to drink as if he hadn’t heard her.

“Did you have a fight with Cordy?” Zoe was exasperated and could only try to

find the reason for his behavior by asking him.

John paused in his drinking spree but remained silent.

Cordy wouldn’t argue with him. She would only stay calm and rational and work

things out.

John even wished that she would get angry and lash out sometimes. At least, it

would prove that she cared.

“What the hell is happening between you, Cordy, and Jessica?” Zoe said

somewhat impatiently when John didn’t reply.

In recent days, John had been under surveillance, and she hadn’t been able to

get an explanation from him at all. Now that they could finally sit down and talk

properly, her cousin decided to stay silent.

“I wont marry Jessica,” John said, his eyes flashing defiantly.

“But the whole country thinks you will,” Zoe said, her voice heavy. “The Levines

and the Stuarts have released a joint announcement, so how can there be a

mistake? If you do that, wouldn’t that be like giving them a slap in the face?”

John pursed his lips tightly.

Indeed, it would be difficult.

When their engagement was announced, he actually froze on the spot for a long

time. He hadn’t expected his grandfather to agree to it. The older man had

respected him in all the years, after all.

However, no one could stop John from doing what he didn’t want.

He wouldn’t marry Jessica. Never!

He simply needed some time and a way to refuse it.

“Never mind how Cordy is the victim in this, and she won’t forgive. Even I, your

cousin, who admires you blindly, don’t think you can get out of this marriage. It’s

only natural for Cordy to reject you right now,” Zoey said seriously. “She has no

reason to trust you, even if you go to her now. No matter what you say or how

sincere you are, there’s just no way. Besides, Cordy’s been hurt a lot. Her family

had made it hard for her to open up because of how they treated her when she

was young. And after that, she met that scum Kyle!”

The more Zoe talked, the more angry she felt.

She also poured herself a glass and downed it. The thought of what Cordy had

gone through in life made her furious and heartbroken.

Compared to that, Zoe’s life was smooth sailing. She was born into a wealthy

family that spoiled her, and had a successful career. The only thing that wasn’t

going well was her relationship. She felt it was so because everything else in her

life was good, so God had to give her a little setback to even it out.

“How do you expect her to trust a person unconditionally after getting hurt like

that?” Zoe asked John. “Personally, I think that if you want to stay together with

her, the most important thing you need to do now is to

cancel that engagement as soon as you can. If you don’t, Cordy will end up being

the mistress if you insist on staying with her. Do you think she would accept that

title? Can you bear to let millions scorn her? Can you accept that Cordy would

lose her dignity in front of Jessica? Seriously, that wouldn’t be fair at all!”

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