A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 229

Cordy sipped ona cup of coffee as she looked out at North City engulfed in the night.

Once again, she decided not to leave North City.

How big could the city get? There was always a chance they would see each other, and she had
nowhere to hide anyway.

It was as easy as pie for John to see her if he wanted to.

What point was there for her to force things?

"I'll tell my brother."

Zoe immediately broke into a huge smile.

Cordy really appreciated Zoe's personality.

Zoe was carefree, lively, and cheerful, and hanging out with Zoe always made Cordy feel that bit more

"It's getting late.Rest early," Cordy reminded Zoe.

"Same goes for you too.You're always working so hard, your health will take a hit.Have you had

"Yes, Ihave."

"Take care of yourself.I'll come back tomorrow and keep you company."


Zoe happily hung up and headed straight for John's room.

There were many bodyguards standing right outside, and they all looked ready to make a move
no.velebook the moment they saw her.

Zoe pretended not to see them and reached out for the door handle.


One of the bodyguards suddenly stopped her.

"I want to see my brother."

"Young Master is asleep."

"I'll just wake him up."

"Old Master said that no one is to see Young Master alone."

"I'd say..."

Zoe's blood was beginning to boil.

"Especially you, Miss," the bodyguard added.

"Damn it!"

Zoe cursed.

"Miss, please don't make things difficult for us," the bodyguard said with respect.

Her grandfather was truly being serious about John's engagement with Jessica. She was beginning to
be worried.

Would John still have any space for resistance?! Zoe gritted her teeth. She had no choice but to leave.

By the time it was past midnight, Zoe thought that Jay might not return.

Since Mandy was not staying overnight here, they could stay overnight elsewhere.

Since they just had a fight, wasn't sleeping with each other the best way to make up? Zoe turned away
from the door of Jay's room.

The moment she took a step, she saw Jay coming up the stairs.

"Looking for me?" Jay asked.

He was calm and cool.

"My brother made me send word to Cordy to ask her to wait for him.I called Cordy just now and she
said she was willing to wait.I was worried that my brother might overthink things so I wanted to tell him,
but the bodyguards refused to let me enter his room.It's probably because Grandpa knows that I'm
close to Cordy and so, he specially instructed the guards not to let me see John alone.Could you help
me send a message?" Zoe asked politely.

"Sure," Jay nodded.

"Thank you."

Zoe thanked him before taking her leave.

Jay simply looked at Zoe's retreating figure.He saw her shut her door once again, as if it were a chasm
that he could never ever cross.

Over the past few days, headlines of all major news outlets in North City were filled with news about
John and Jessica.

There were new updates on them every day.

The first day, John brought Jessica to famous sightseeing spots in North City, and things like
#levineexcursionwithwife and #sosweet &lovinghandinhand" began trending online.

Cordy did not exactly see them hand in hand in the pictures on the news report, but the two of them
clearly looked like they were whispering into each other's ears, laughing and chatting away merrily.

The second day, John brought Jessica to North City's most luxurious shopping mall, and #
levinethrowingbigbuckstopleasewife began trending online.

From pictures in the reports, John could be seen carrying many bags while accompanying Jessica

The third day, John brought Jessica to Levine Ventures’ office, and
#msstuartloveydoveyatworkwithhubby began trending online.

From pictures in the reports, John could be seen opening the car door and reaching out to help Jessica
down the car at the main entrance of Levine Ventures' office building.

On the fourth day, and on the fifth day...

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