A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 241

Chapter 241

Cordy looked at John, who stood before her.

John had indeed called her many times today, and even sent her messages on

WhatsApp. She hadn’t meant to ignore them, but had been extremely busy. In

the evening after work, she also had to deal with Bryson when he came to

retaliate against her. She didn’t even have time to breathe.

Cordy thought that John wouldn’t look for her today and would wait till tomorrow.

Yet here he was, appearing out of the blue at three in the morning.

She didn’t even know how John knew where she was. With how skilful John was,

though, he would still know where she was even if she went to hide underground.

Enter title…

Naturally, Kyle saw John as well. Surprise flashed in his eyes.

Hadn’t John already announced his relationship with Jessica? Jessica had just

left, yet John came looking for Cordy immediately after?!

At this hour, much less?

Cordy hadn’t denied that she had been in an illicit affair with John the last time

they were on the phone, but based on her personality, Kyle knew there was no

way she would ever allow herself to be John’s secret mistress.

Kyle gritted his teeth, and decided to wait to see what would unfold.

John strode upto them. He ignored Kyle and looked into Cordy’s eyes, and

asked, “Are you done?”

“Yeah,” Cordy replied.

“Let’s go.” John reached out and pulled Cordy toward him.

There was a harmonious atmosphere between the two. Cordy showed no signs

of refusing John, even though he had a fiancee. There were also no signs of

anger from John, even though Cordy and Kyle were together.

It was as if they trusted each other so much that they didn’t let anything outside

their relationship affect the feelings they had for each other.

Kyle watched as the two walked away before him, completely ignoring him as if

he was just air.

He couldn’t help but clench his fist tightly.

Cordy was a noble and dignified woman! Was she really going to be John’s


The anger bubbled in his chest, and there was no outlet for him to release it. Just

then, his phone rang.

“Noel,” Kyle greeted as soon as he picked up.

“How’s it going, Kyle? I was waiting the entire night for you to call. I was worried.”

Noel’s anxious voice drifted from the other end of the line.

Noel’s concern made Kyle’s anger dissipate, and his heart felt a little more at


When he thought about how well Noel treated him, Kyle couldn’t help but feel

comforted. Last night, Noel called him in the middle of the night, crying nonstop.

She kept going on about how useless she was as she couldn’t help him.

It took him a long time to ask questions before he discovered that Simon didn’t

want to invest any capital into their family. Noel had tried to change the former’s

mind, but it had been futile. Because of that, she fought with her father. She was

also worried that Jessop Corp would have problems; the stress soon

overwhelmed her, and she broke down.

Kyle had already been in a bad mood, and hearing about Jessop Corp every day

didn’t help improve it. Listening to Noel crying nonstop annoyed him even more;

he lost control for a bit and yelled at her. Noel didn’t get angry; she blamed

herself for everything and finally told him that Cordy could restore Jessop Corp to

its former glory.

Only then did Kyle learn that Starstream Group intended to collaborate with other

brands. With Cordy’s current popularity, any business that worked with them

would make money. If he managed to get the project, Jessop Corp would be


However, Kyle was well aware of Cordy’s character. She was unlikely to help

Jessop Cop willingly, but Noel kept encouraging him to placate Cordy into


At this point, Kyle was desperate and willing to try anything. Kyle heard that there

was a feud between Bryson and Cordy; with how Bryson was, he was likely to

exact revenge on the latter. As long as Kyle played the role of a knight in shining

armor coming to rescue the damsel in distress, perhaps Cordy would be grateful

to him and soften her heart toward him.

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