A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 228

'No worries" she assured herself.

‘There's ample time"

Just because they had broken up now did not mean that they could not get back together again in the
future.Her agreement to a break up and gaining from it by the way was merely a delaying tactic on her
end.She had never thought of giving up Jay just like this! The car arrived outside Jessop Villa.

The moment Mandy stepped out of the car, Jay spoke up.

"I need your help with one thing." Mandy was taken aback.

Jay needed help from her? "Please keep Zoe's identity a secret."

Mandy was upset.She harbored an innate sense of animosity against Zoe, and the mere mention of
Zoe's name was enough to annoy her.

"Exposing her identity doesn't benefit you." Jay went straight to the point.

"Do you fancy Zoe?"

Mandy looked right into Jay's eyes.Women were umpteen times sharper when it came to their rivals in

"I don't."

"Then why are you treating her so well?"

"We're all from the Levine household."

"Zoe doesn't treat you as family.

Did you forget how she mocked you just now?!"

"She's been like that since young, straightforward in manner and speech." Jay defended Zoe.

"Jay, are you just denying your feelings for Zoe because Alan doesn't approve of your relationship with

Mandy's voice was filled with certainty.She might have initially thought that the subtle nuances in Jay
and Zoe's relationship were because they were related.

Yet now that she was calm and thinking straight, she realized that there were many tell-tale signs.

What's more, having personally faced Alan and witnessed his domineering aura, she knew that no one
no.velebook was capable of going against whatever he had decided upon.

Jay could not possibly go against Alan! "No.Stop guessing."

Jay had no intention of speaking further.

"Just remember what I said earlier."

With that, he drove away with nary a goodbye.Mandy bit her lip hard.

Whatever it was, whether she really liked him or not, she would never let Jay be with anyone else! In
the courtyard of Levine Manor, Zoe watched the black car drive off as she puffed on a cigarette.She
pulled out her phone and made acall.


Her tone was bright and easy, a stark contrast from how silent and brooding she was when she was
smoking away just a moment ago.


Cordy sounded equally calm and ordinary.

Although if one paid attention, a trace of fatigue could be heard from her voice.

"I'm not coming back tonight.My mother refuses to let me go," Zoe grumbled.


"What are you doing?"

"Still working?"

"Are you that busy?" Zoe said as her brows furrowed. It was already past 11 PM.

"I did take a week-long break," Cordy said lightly.

It did not sound like she had any intention of avoiding what happened between her and John.

Such an attitude was only possible provided she had truly let go of things.

"I saw my brother today."

Zoe decided to say that after a moment's hesitation.

Cordy's fingers that were tapping away at her keyboard finally paused.She held her phone in her hands
and picked up the cup of Americano on her table as she stood up and walked toward the full - length

After an entire day of sitting down, she should get up and stretch out her stiff joints.

"The Stuarts joined us for dinner today,"

Zoe went on, "My brother is under my grandpa's surveillance and has no way of calling or meeting
you.He wants you to wait for him."

"Okay," Cordy responded.

Zoe thought she had misheard Cordy.She repeated what Cordy said in disbelief.

"You're willing to wait?"

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