A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1342

However, just as Quinn thought she could afford to let Sam shape up, he told her, “Help me with the
apron. It’s more expensive than these bowls and plates.”

Quinn was left speechless-was he really up for this?

Still, she took out the apron.

However, she could not reach up to his neck despite standing on her toes and skipping.

“You can tell me to bend my knees, silly.” Sam looked at her in amusement.

“I’m not that short,” Quinn huffed even as she wrapped it around her neck.” My height is typical for the
ladies. It’s your fault for being too tall.”

“That means you’re too short,” Sam repeated determinedly.

“Fine, it’s my fault.” Quinn gave up right then. “Though there’s research that proves tall people never
outlive short people. You’re going to die early, Sam. N

Sam was washing the dishes and paused at that, turning on her and snapping, “Don’t worry. I’ll live
longer than you will.”

“That’s not up to you! Nobody chooses when they die!”

“What’s it going to be? Do you want me to die early so you can die early?!” Sam growled through his

“No,” Quinn replied. ‘ But if you’re really going to die you can see, or you’d forget about me soon

“I wont,” Sam suddenly said.


“Is this how you wash this thing?” Sam asked, glossing over the subject right then.

“Yes. rinse it when you’re done, then put it in the disinfection cabinet,” Quinn told him.

He nodded and went to work.

Still, Quinn had to admit that he was slick-he appeared a little clumsy at first but became good at it
soon enough.

He was such a good learner, so why did he have bad grades when he was younger?

That said, he probably did not pay any mind to study properly…

After washing the dishes, they returned to the living room together.

Suddenly, things got uncomfortable as they were suddenly alone together under one roof.

Not keen on uncomfortable stares, Sam whipped out his phone to play a game, when Quinn asked,
“Could you teach me how to play it?”

Sam frowned. “You play video games? I thought you hated it.’

He certainly remembered how she persistently told

The more they rebuked him, the more he played-even at his age, it was a good pastime.

“I was just young and unknowledgeable-l’d believe anything anyone said,” Quinn shrugged. “There’s no
harm in gaming now that I think about it. Why can’t I use it as a pastime too?”

Sam rolled his eyes-she really got the last say in everything!

“Let’s get you an account first,” Sam told her.

“What are we playing?”



“You’ll get it when you play.”


Quinn waited patiently before logging in to join Sam in a game, but she was a total novice since she
never played anything.

All she did was tag along with Sam, becoming a burden as she did not know how to take cover and did
not shoot when she saw enemies.

As such, both were dead soon enough.

“Am I… stupid?’ Quinn asked guiltily, staring at Sam.

“Not just your average stupid either.” Sam snorted-chivalry was dead with him.

As Quinn pouted, he threatened, “I’ll punish you if you keep feeding!”

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