A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 239

Chapter 239

Jessica left North City on Monday, and news outlets were filled with images of John sending her off and
the two of them parting reluctantly at the airport.

Cordy wondered if there really were no other news worthy of reporting in North City. Were there no
other delicious scandals in the entertainment circle? News of John and Jessica had been circling
around for an entire week and pictures of them could be seen no matter which news outlet one

She put down her phone and walked into the senior management meeting room. A meeting on
Starstream Fashion launching a high-end brand was ongoing.

Because her identity as lovely was exposed, many merchants have been knocking on their doors,
wanting to cooperate with Starstream. It presented Starstream Group with a business opportunity,
given their limited resources, in which they could achieve a win-win situation by expanding their
marketing efforts through increased financing.

The key now was to choose the best merchant.

Cordy attended meetings upon meetings throughout the entire afternoon and discussed with the senior
management for a long time.

Her phone had been switched to the silent mode throughout, and she only saw that she had a few
missed calls when she finally returned to her office.

Some of them were from John, while others were from Kyle.

She chose to ignore them and went straight back to work.

The next time she took a breather, it was already past 9 PM.

They finally shortlisted three partners that looked more promising, and they agreed to arrive at a
decision through a tender.

Cordy stretched her arms out and reached for her bag and car keys, finally ready to knock off for the

She entered the parking lot.

By now, most people in the office had left and the parking lot was empty and quiet.

Cordy pressed the button on her car key and stepped into the car.

A figure suddenly rushed out from the shadows and a hand covered Cordy’s mouth before she could
even scream. She tried to fight against the man, but he was so strong that he would not budge no
matter how hard she resisted.

She squirmed, and her yells were muffled by the hand over her mouth.

The man dragged her to the side and tried to haul her into a van by brute force.

Just then, another man charged forward and kicked the man who was trying to abduct Cordy.

The sudden pain made the man release Cordy.

Cordy was so shaken to her core that she could not think of anything else except to flee.

The two men began fighting wildly with each other at the next moment.

After Cordy calmed herself down, she finally took a good look at the two men who were fighting with
each other.

The man who wanted to abduct her was Bryson, and the one who saved her…was Kyle.

Cordy hurriedly called the police.

By the time the police rushed over, both men were bruised black and blue with Kyle suffering more

Everyone was sent to the police station for their statements to be taken.


Bryson was detained by the police, while Cordy and Kyle managed to make it out of the police


By then, it was already 1 AM.

There was almost no one on the cold and empty streets.

The autumn wind in October was chilly, and Cordy sneezed.

“Are you cold?” Kyle shook off his jacket and handed it to Cordy.

“I’m not.” Cordy rejected him immediately.

Sensing Cordy’s resistance, Kyle did not force it on her.

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