A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 236

Chapter 236

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you long ago that John Levine would never fancy you, and you still went ahead to throw yourself at
him. Look, you’ve gone and completely embarrassed yourself…”

Cordy hung up without any hesitation.

She had no expectations whatsoever for the Sachs.

Her phone rang again.

Cordy refused to answer it until finally, Simon called.

“Cordy Sachs, what kind of attitude was that toward your grandmother?” Simon was furious.

Cordy could imagine how mad Plum was when she had hung up on Cordy just now.

“I don’t have the obligation to accept her humiliation and scolding, nor am I duty-bound to listen to your
criticisms.” With that, Cordy made a move to end the call.

Plum’s voice rang out urgently from the phone. “Bryson said that you made him lose his job!”

Plum probably figured that there was nothing she could do about Cordy and finally blurred out the
objective of her call.

“That’s his own business. It has nothing to do with me.”

“Nothing to do with you? Bryson said that it’s because of you that he was fired by Levine Ventures! Do
you know his rank at work? He’s part of the senior management team and has a six-figure annual

salary. Yet, they simply fired him just like that! How am I going to explain things to your third
grandaunt?!” Anger grew in Plum the more she spoke.

Cordy refused to pick up her many calls a few days ago. Had Cordy not picked up her call tonight, she
would have looked Cordy up at her office.

“You said it yourself that he’s in the senior management team. How could I possibly cause him to be
fired?!” Cordy said sarcastically.

“Weren’t you in a relationship with John Levine?” Plum said viciously.

“Didn’t you also say that he would never fancy me?”

“Cordy Sachs, I’m trying to talk properly with you right now.”

“I didn’t realize that,” Cordy said emphatically and unflinchingly.

Plum shook with anger.

Since when did this brat make her feel so helpless?

“Cordy, I admit that my tone was rather harsh just now, but that’s only because I was too anxious. You
know that your third grandaunt’s family isn’t well-to-do and Bryson has been helping out a lot. How is
the family going to survive now that Bryson lost his job? You can’t let me embarrass myself in front of
all our relatives, can you?” Plum had no choice but to hunker down.

That family had been bugging her to no end and even gossiping about her to other relatives

behind her back, making Plum look bad.

“I’m telling you once more. It is Bryson’s own fault that he lost his job. It has nothing to do with me.
Also, I have nothing to do with John Levine, and I have no right whatsoever to interfere with Levine

Ventures’ affairs. I remain helpless no matter what you say.”

“Cordy Sachs!” The fire rose in Plum’s chest once more. “I hardly come to you for anything. Is it so hard
for you to help me with this one thing?”

“I’ve made myself very clear,” Cordy said coldly as she went on. “But you’re right. For someone who hit
me, scolded me, and ill-treated me since I was young, and only remembers me when she needs help, I
am not kind-hearted enough to help such a person with anything at all.”

“What an ingrate you are to the Sachs family who raised you!”

“Did the Sachs family raise me?” Cordy refuted, “If it weren’t because I had my skills to fall back on, I
would have starved to death abroad.”

“You!” Plum clearly could not outtalk Cordy.

Cordy could not be bothered to waste time on Plum. “There are no affections whatsoever between us,
so don’t be pretentious and come claiming moral high ground with me. I won’t buy it.”

With that, she hung up once again without any hesitation.

She stood on the balcony and took a deep breath.

She could not help but feel agitated.

The hurt caused by one’s family always ran deeper!

For some of the deepest trauma caused by her family, she had no idea how long it was ever going to
take her to accept and come to peace with everything-just like the pain she felt that year when she
turned eighteen.

Cordy scrolled through her socials as she tried hard to compose herself.

Just then, her finger trembled.

She looked at an update that Jessica posted. [North City is so beautiful. I like everything here.]

The photo below the words were taken from the Ferris wheel. Most of the picture was of the night
scenery, except for a little corner on the bottom right where two hands, one belonging to a man and
another a woman, held on tightly to each other.

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