A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 222

Secondly, she had thought that she was the star of tonight's banquet.She was the one coming to meet
the parents, yet no one from the Levine family bothered to even look at her.She found it unacceptable
being disregarded by others this way.

Yet, she dared not express her displeasure.

For the very first time in her life, she felt like a nobody in front of these people.

After Alan and William exchanged pleasantries, they entered the hall of Levine Manor and walked
straight toward the luxurious dining hall.

Everyone took their seats in order of hierarchy around the massive banquet table.

Servants stood ready at the side to serve and help with dinner proceedings.

Conversations at the table were largely composed of Alan and William catching up with each other,
reminiscing over past memories and chatting up a storm.

"I wanted to join Levine Ventures’ 60th anniversary celebration, but I had to make a last minute trip to
the capital city.My apologies, Alan," William said sincerely.

"You're being a stranger by apologizing.But I hope you don't mind that I went ahead to announce John
and Jessica's engagement in your absence."

"What are you talking about? We agreed on the engagement a long time ago.To have the engagement
announced at such a momentous occasion of the Levines is Jessica's honor,"

William hurriedly responded.

"Just listen to you.It's John's honor to be able to marry Jessica, as much as it is the honor of the Levine

Alan added without missing a beat.

The two of them continued singing praises about each other and their families.

Zoe shot her brother a glance.She had no chance to talk to John privately given that the elders were
around.She was unable to tell from the expressionless look on his face whether he truly accepted the
engagement no.velebook with the Stuarts, and it made her anxious.

"Oh yes, you and your family hardly come by North City.Stay for a couple more days.I'll have John
bring all of you around.North City has developed quite fast over the years and much has changed,"
Alan warmly invited them.

"Coincidentally, I'm free this week.I only need to make a trip to the capital city next week."

William agreed with Alan's suggestion and added, "But my body isn't in great condition, so sightseeing
around the place is out of the question.I just want to play chess with you over some tea."

"That's true.You can see for yourself the state of my health too.I'm wheelchair-bound and it's not
convenient for me to head out.Though us old folks can't head out, the youngsters can go out and have
fun by themselves.They've spent much time abroad, but John has returned for half a year and they
might feel a little distant."

Alan turned to look at John, "John, from tomorrow on, spend more time with Jessica.I'll have Randy
settle work matters in the office."

"Sure." John acquiesced.He did not look enthusiastic about it, but neither did he look particularly
resistant against the idea.

"Jessica," Alan called.

"Grandpa," Jessica addressed him cordially as she put her spoon down, exuding perfect upper-class

"Go out and have some fun with John tomorrow.Just let him know where you'd like to go, anywhere is
fine.Should John dare to bully you, just tell me," Alan said benevolently to Jessica.

"Thank you Grandpa, though John wouldn't bully me," Jessica replied with a chuckle.

"He's always taken good care of me while we were both living abroad."

"That's good."

Alan nodded, comforted by Jessica's words.

"Oh yes, why don't I see Dicky around today?"

Jessica suddenly piped up, "I used to see him every day.Now that Dicky and John have returned home,
I haven't seen him for so long that I miss him terribly."

"Dicky's in grade school now and has classes at night," John replied to her.

"Does Dicky still need additional classes? He's such a brilliant child! " Jessica was surprised.

"He's not too great at spelling," John explained.

Jessica could not hold back a chuckle.

Richard had been living abroad since young.It was good enough that he knew how to speak English.

"I was about to nominate myself as a tutor for Dicky if you're too busy.But my written language isn't
exactly fantastic.I spent a lot of my time abroad when I was young, just like you," Jessica said rather

"It's fine.We hired a home tutor for him," John said flatly.

His tone matched his overall attitude toward Jessica—neither proactive nor resistant.Anger boiled in
Zoe as she watched on.

D*mn that scumbag.

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