A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 220

Chapter 220

Jay suddenly pulled Mandy into his arms to stop her from hitting Zoe again. “Enough!”

But Mandy was not having any of it-she struggled against his hold, all while snarling savagely. She has
no right to hover around you! She’s so shameless she would come here to Levine Manor! Who does
she think she is?!”

“I’m not just anyone. I’m just the granddaughter of the average Joe named Alan Levine!” Zoe retorted
right then.

While Mandy was left taken aback and unable to respond, Zoe asked, “Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, it’s not
that widely known in North City… But what if I told you he’s the board chairman of Levine


Mandy’s heart skipped a beat, and she abruptly came to a realization.

But she simply could not believe it. It was simply impossible!

There was no way Zoe could be Alan’s granddaughter!

If she were, would she have to work so hard for her showbiz career? With Levine Ventures owning half
the studios out there, Zoe would have been able to strut anywhere she went! But Mandy herself saw a
particularly upset director screaming at Zoe while she was still a starlet because she messed up a

Mandy was certainly aware that Alan had a granddaughter, but the granddaughter had never shown
her face in public. Rumor has it that the Levines kept her sheltered, reluctant to expose her to the

public because they did not want her life to be affected. There were even claims that Alan spoiled her
to bits and raised her personally.

Mandy turned toward Jay, asking with a look if it was true.

Jay nodded, and Mandy was mind blown.

Her entire body started to tremble uncontrollably… the person she had been constantly harassing was
a Levine family member!

So Jay was just being nice to Zoe because she was his niece and not what Mandy came to


And Zoe was here at Levine Manor because it was her own house, and not to hound Jay?!

Mandy’s face turned pale when all those realizations hit her.

She had never been this afraid, not even when Cordy exposed her on live TV, since she was not afraid
of Cordy’s retaliation.

On the other hand, Zoe was Alan’s granddaughter, and revenge could not be easier for Zoe.

She could even complain to Alan and forbid Jay from dating her…

Suddenly petrified, Mandy could not speak at all.

However, Zoe ignored Mandy’s bewilderment entirely and turned toward the man beside her even

though she really hated looking at him.

But there were occasions when it was unavoidable.

*Jay Parker, you really should know your place,” Zoe said. “You’re just my grandfather’s adopted son,
and our family’s blood doesn’t flow in your veins, just as you have no right to inherit the family
business. To true Levines like us, you’re no more than an outsider, an inconsequential existence. That
is why you have no right to demand anything from me, and that includes who I want to slap!”

They really knew each other, which was why they knew exactly what to say to really make it hurt.

“Yes, I will be more careful next time,” Jay replied, calmly and dispassionately accepting Zoe’s abuse.

She did not feel much emotion toward him just then, for even loathing seemed an excess.

Jay in turn knew how to behave around her or wound her profoundly.

And since Zoe was used to it, she cared a lot less now.

At that very moment, several Bentleys drove in through the front gates.

Zoe paused and turned toward the convoy.

At the same time, Alan was being wheeled out by his butler, with Nancy and Ivan following him.

Naturally, it went without saying that anyone who warranted such a reception from the Levines would
not be trivial!

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