A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 219

Chapter 219

All Zoe felt was her cheek burning.

She thought that Mandy would be surprised to find her here, even finding it unacceptable that someone
was better than her since she was so used to feeling superior.

She really did not expect Mandy to slap her right away, and it left her dumbstruck for seconds.

Even the security guards at the door were left stunned, unable to react.

“Don’t you know any shame, Zoe?!” Mandy bellowed at her right then, her teeth gnashing with fury.
“How dare you show up here?! You’re really coming this far to stop me from meeting Jay’s parents?!
Have you not heard a word of my warning this afternoon?!”

Zoe came to her senses then and touched her swollen cheek.

To be honest, she had never lost much in life, save for when it came to Jay.

And she would not begrudge Jay that.

As for anyone else…

Zoe’s eyes narrowed right then and she raised her hand, ready to return the favor!

However, someone caught her wrist as soon as she raised her hand, and Zoe turned to find Jay
appearing out of the blue.

Mandy saw him too and promptly hid behind Jay, pretending to be afraid and crying, “Jay, she’s trying
to hit me…”

“Let go!” Zoe bellowed, leveling a frightening, icy glare at Jay right then!

One could easily imagine how furious Zoe was at the moment!

“Don’t make a ruckus. This is Levine Manor,” Jay reminded Zoe.

“So I have to suffer you two in my own house?!” Zoe snarled loudly and clearly.

While Jay pursed his lips, Mandy appeared to mellow out after he showed up-a far cry from her
conceited self when she slapped Zoe

“What do you mean, your house?” Mandy asked innocently. “Look, Zoe, I know you like Jay, but he’s
with me now, and we’re even discussing the prospect of marriage. You really shouldn’t bother him or
things will end badly for all of us if things get out of hand… It would be a shame if your career in
showbiz ended because of that!”

“Let… go!” Zoe’s eyes were still fixed on Jay, totally ignoring Mandy.

“I owe you one slap,” Jay told Zoe.

Zoe raised a brow. “You mean, that I should slap you instead?”


“How loving.” Zoe smiled despite her seething rage.

Jay said nothing, and she wrestled against his hold-which hurt a lot. “How am I going to hit you if I don’t
let go?

Jay pursed his lips, and he slowly released her.

But the instant she was free-


Zoe’s slap hit Mandy squarely on her cheek, and she certainly put her back into it-this one hurt far more
than the slap Mandy gave her!

And with that, Mandy’s face was redder and more swollen than Zoe’s cheek, and her tears were
streaming from the pain!

She absolutely would not have expected Zoe to hit her, though she would not have been able to accept
Zoe hitting Jay either.

Zoe simply moved so fast she did not even get to speak!

“Zoe York…” she growled, livid!

Having been spoiled since a child, she was not about to suffer such indignation!

She raised her hand, intent on slapping Zoe again.

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