A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 218

Chapter 218

Zoe sat calmly in her MPV even as Penny kept rambling on beside her. “Those ingrates, turning coats
as soon as Mandy bought them some snacks! Don’t they remember that you’ve been treating them to
tea every other day? Put together, that’s way more than what it cost Mandy! And why won’t you let me
scold them, Zoe? Badmouthing us behind our backs… it’s outrageous!”

“Their mouths are theirs. They can say whatever they like,” Zoe told Penny.

Penny pouted. “But they’re also questioning your relationship with Jay..

“And they’re right,” Zoe said flatly-she never looked at Jay directly unless she had to.

Penny had more to say but Zoe cut her short. “I need to leave early today, so I’ll be putting you down at
the junction ahead. Take a faxi home-you can claim the fare from Linda.”

“Okay.” Penny nodded, earnestly finding Zoe a kind soul right then.

After all, was there any other celebrity who gave their assistant a ride home?!

In fact, Zoe would always make sure to send Penny to her doorstep if she had the time. And in special
cases like today, she would let Penny claim the taxi fare.

Honestly, how was Zoe prideful?!

Zoe returned to Levine Manor early, so there was no one else aside from her grandfather and parents
in the living room.

She wanted to ask about what would happen during dinner on multiple occasions but she had to stay
quiet since her mother kept shooting her warning looks.

However, sitting idly like that was as boring as it was awkward.

After some thought, Zoe rose to her feet and said, “Shouldn’t I wait for John at the front door? It’s more
solemn that way.”

Before Nancy could speak, Alan nodded, giving his approval for once. “Go.”

Zoe happily left the living room, though in reality she just wanted to check her phone away from her
grandfather’s sight.

It was a family rule not to use their phones in front of elders.

As such, she headed to the front door, took out her phone, and fiddled with it while she waited for


After waiting for a while, a familiar black car stopped outside.

Jay alighted first and walked around the car to open the door for Zoe like a true gentleman.

After she got out, Jay told her to wait outside for her while he drove the car to the garage.

However, Mandy’s face fell as soon as she spotted Zoe using her phone at the door as if it was only

Mandy thought she was seeing things… but it really was Zoe!

What right did Zoe have to be there?!

Was Zoe so upset at Mandy telling her she was coming that she decided to come here and mess with

Was Zoe trying to blow things out of proportion?!

How shameless could she get?!


However, Mandy was not about to let Zoe ruin her meeting with Jay’s parents.

With that in mind, she strode up to Zoe and slapped her across the face with a loud smack!

She caught Zoe by surprise, leaving her dumbstruck!

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