A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 217

Chapter 217

Zoe was taken aback.

She did not doubt Jay and Mandy’s relationship since Mandy was right-when Cordy exposed her on
live TV, Jay did not seem to care that Mandy was clearly guilty. He even shielded Mandy and protected
her from the journalists hounding her, and that was all one needed to know about their relationship.

However, she did not expect Jay to bring Mandy home to meet his parents so soon.

Even if Jay was not actually Alan’s biological son, he had always stayed with Alan despite how strict
Alan was with him. As for Mandy, her reputation was so terrible she had zero prospects in

showbiz now.

And with the Jessops being caught in various other scandals, they were not even invited to the Levine
Ventures’ 60th anniversary celebration.

Was Jay really not afraid that Alan would kick Mandy out the front door as soon as she arrived?

As those many thoughts crossed Zoe’s mind, Mandy presumed that Zoe was too jealous to speak.

In reality, she was surprised that Jay had invited her to Levine Manor for dinner as well.

He was distant toward her at best, and she never would have imagined that he would bring her


However, Jay only protected her during her most vulnerable moment to repay her favor since he had
used her to clear his name when he had that scandal with Zoe.

He made it very clear that night.

And no matter how much she pretended to be vulnerable and make him stay, he turned and left

once she brought her home.

Even after all this while, the only intimacy they had was when they took those photos to announce their
relationship. Since then, she did not even get to hold his hand.

And yet, he called her today, saying that she was coming with him to Levine Mansion tonight.

Even if he made it clear that she would be meeting his parents, she was happy anyway.

That was why she came to visit as his girlfriend, bringing everyone food and deliberately neglecting to
tell Zoe.

And she was certainly feeling cathartic to see Zoe’s reaction and kept scoffing. “You should know your
place by now, I guess.”


Zoe snorted in utter disdain and simply strode off as Mandy watched without another word.

Zoe’s appearance was already sublime, and everything from the straightness of her back and the sway
in her hips only made her look more the part of a star actress.

That sight alone left Mandy fuming.

What was Zoe getting so smug about?!

Once Mandy confirmed her relationship with Jay and secured the influence of the Levines, the first
thing she would do was cancel Zoe!

Zoe and Penny headed straight to her MPV, not caring at all what Mandy thought.

However, they had to overhear some gossipers when they walked past a lounge.

Zoe had always liked gossip, and since she was the subject, she stopped to listen.

There were two production crew members inside the lounge, and one of them was munching on the
confectionery Mandy bought as he said, “I always thought Zoe was better looking than Mandy, but
Mandy is really generous. I mean, this stuff is straight from North City’s most expensive tearoom, so
she must’ve spent several grand here. Must be nice being rich!”

“That’s why the rich only marry rich,” the other crew member commented. “Such a shame that Zoe lost
out there.”

“Why would it be a shame? Don’t you see how sweet and tender Mandy is around Jay? You can’t hide
the look in your eyes when you’re in love. As for Zoe, have you even seen her look directly at Jay
unless she has to? Prideful women are just too difficult to please. I’m actually convinced that Jay and
Mandy deserve each other.”

The other crew member joked, “That confectionery really tastes good, huh?”

“I’ve always been fair toward everyone…”

Penny, who was beside Zoe, could not bear to listen to that anymore.

However, when she sneaked a glance at Zoe, she saw no reaction from Zoe at all, as if the crew
members were not talking about Zoe.

Then, before Penny could storm inside the lounge to snap at the crew members, Zoe shot her a look,
stopping her.

With that, they both left, with Penny wondering how Zoe was managing to take it in stride.

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