A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 215

Chapter 215

The room and props for the bed scene were already in place, and all they needed was the word from
Jay to start filming.

And the reason he had not started already?

Mandy was visiting.

She bought stacks of gourmet confectionery for the production crew, so everyone including Jay was
busy eating. Naturally, Mandy was hovering around Jay and happily locking arms with him.

Still, despite her usual pompous, conceited gait, Mandy was as sweet as a lamb around Jay.

Once they were done eating, everyone quickly returned to their positions to continue filming.

On the other hand, Mandy appeared surprised to see Zoe. “When did you get here, Zoe? Sorry, I didn’t
see you there. I brought some food-would you like some?”

Though she appeared cordial, she then groaned regretfully before Zoe could speak. “Oh, I forgot- we
just finished. I’ll remember to bring more next time.”

Zoe merely sneered and strode past Mandy.

Jay was already sitting behind the monitors and preparing to shoot the bed scene, and Zoe walked
right up to stand at his side.

Jay glanced at her but said nothing and continued to direct the filming.

Zoe saw her double through the screen just then. Though only her back could be seen from the screen,
her back was slim, her skin fair and unblemished. While it was not divine and Zoe would never give

herself that much credit, she had seen Cordy’s bare back, which far eclipsed the double’s back.

Even as Zoe kept staring sardonically at the screen, she thought to herself that Jay really had curious

Still, it took them quite a while for them to finish the bed scene, and it was time for Zoe’s close-


When she headed into the set and actually saw the double, however, Zoe did an obvious double take.

Her double was looking at her in turn and smiled politely. “Hello, Ms. York.”

She actually bore a striking resemblance to Zoe!

While Zoe had been feeling contempt towards Jay from just seeing her double’s body proportions, she
had to admit he was right after seeing the other woman in the face.

In fact, she was even a little impressed and realized that they could even pass the double for her if they
did not have to do close-ups.

“Good work,” Zoe replied, staying calm.

Showbiz always needed doubles who closely resembled the actor and actress anyway. She just

never had one who resembled her so much.

“Thank you,” the double replied and quickly left under the urging of the production crew.

The close-ups were quite simple, and Zoe quickly had everything done before leaving.

She headed to the dressing room to remove her makeup.

Her phone started to ring, and she glanced at the caller ID before answering it with a smile, her voice
becoming clearer in turn. “Greetings, Your Highness. Why the sudden call? Finally missing your baby

“Cut the wisecrack and be honest! Did you snap at your grandpa last night?!” The voice on the other
end was distinctly stern.

“Oh, you’re not scolding me over that, are you?” Zoe sounded wounded. “He was bullying a little lady! I
was just standing up for what’s right!”

“Standing up for what’s right?! Don’t you know who gets to dictate our family matters?!” Nancy Levine
snapped. “Or maybe you don’t want to stay in showbiz and would rather help out the family business?!”

“Stop it, Mom. Grandpa already threatened me with that.”

“So you actually know how to be afraid, huh?” Nancy grumbled.

Nancy had always spoiled Zoe since Zoe was her only daughter, and she always did her best to satisfy
Zoe’s demands.

In fact, her contribution was quintessential to Zoe strutting in showbiz.

Naturally, Zoe quickly gave in and started to ask for help. “Look, just put in a good word for me. I love
acting, and I don’t want to go back so soon…”

“I’m just telling you to watch yourself,” Nancy told Zoe. “Your grandpa will be too busy dealing with dear
John to play with you.”

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