A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 214

Chapter 214

Kyle was left gritting his teeth. “Don’t get so full of yourself, Cordy!”

Be that as it may, he was already the laughing stock of high society for being denied an invitation.

to Levine Ventures’ anniversary celebration. The fact that Mandy had been exposed for trying to frame
Cordy only left his family’s reputation hitting rock bottom, and no one among the

commerce circles of North City cared about them anymore..

To make things worse, the sponsors Cordy brought in for Jessop Corp before were looking prepared to
withdraw their capital.

If this continued, Jessop Corp would soon face bankruptcy just like they did years ago.

Even so, Kyle only became harsher toward Cordy. “Jessica is a hundred times better than you. You
know important families care about background, while she and John have feelings for each other. And
what’s more, John’s son is hers! Do you really think there’s anything about you that’s better than

“I don’t have to compare myself to her. All I need to know is that John would fight your family and the
Sachs, and that’s enough for me,” Cordy replied coolly.

Kyle was left fuming and speechless, but even he had to admit it-even if John would not marry. Cordy,
he could easily make the Sachs and the Jessops suffer if he cared at all about Cordy.

“Also, anyone has a limit to their patience, Kyle. Don’t keep coming back to humiliate yourself!”

Cordy was going to hang up with those words, but Kyle shouted at her in agitation, “Wait!”

Though Cordy was pursing her lips, she did not hang up.

“Why did you hide that you were Lovely from me?” Kyle demanded.

He could not hide.the quiver in his voice even when he asked the question.

For one, he could not accept that Cordy could pull the wool over his eyes so utterly.

And if he knew that Cordy was Lovely, he would never have broken up with her.

And if he never broke up with her, Cordy would not have forced him to such desperate straits!

He had to admit that he thought highly of Noel when she won fifth place at that international fashion
design competition. After all, Jessop Corp operated a fashion brand, and they needed a famous

He was just being smart and calculative but that ended up blowing up in his face.

He would be lying if he said he did not regret his actions but he would not admit it even if it killed him!

And despite his demanding tone, Cordy asked in return, “Does it really matter?”

“Have you ever been sincere to me, Cordy?!” Kyle growled through his teeth. “Would you have hidden
so much from me if you really were?!”

“Are you talking to me about sincerity after what you’ve done to us?!” Cordy retorted loudly and

clearly. “I have no interest in explaining anything to a man who cheated on me, and you have no right
to question how I felt toward you before! Despite how I felt, it would never change the truth that you
cheated on me, or your many heinous attempts to destroy my reputation!”

Kyle’s hand was shaking even as he held his phone.

He had no right to retort against Cordy’s accusation.

In fact, he already knew he would never win against her, but he just could not stop himself from calling

He just wanted to vent all the grief he had suffered for a while now, and…

Gritting his teeth again, he snarled viciously, “A last reminder, Cordy, but you should break up with John
sooner if you know what’s good for you. You shouldn’t delude yourself that you’ll have him, and Jessica
isn’t someone you can-”

Cordy simply hung up right then.

She certainly did not need Kyle’s reminder-she had a better sense of propriety than he did.

Zoe ended up visiting the film set of Pomp and Circumstance.

It was boring staying home alone anyway, and she could not wait to finish her scenes.

When she arrived, Penny told her that it was going to be the bed scene today.

It seems that Jay had already found a double for Zoe, and she just had to film a few close-up


She sneered, since she was actually interested in how attractive the double Jay got for her would


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