A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 212

Chapter 212

Cordy was taken aback. “What is it?”

Zoe repeated Jay’s message then. “He said you should doubt everything my grandfather says not
make hasty decisions. Also, you should wait for John until he explains everything to you.”

Cordy pursed her lips.

So, Jay actually knew everything-that was why he had been so helpful over the years.

And she actually thought that he was just being a good Samaritan.

Still, Zoe eventually could not help defending John.


“Look, Cordy,” Zoe said. “My brother would never fall in love with Jessica Stuart. The old folks must
have decided on the engagement themselves, and not even John knows about it. If he did, he would
never have brought you to the banquet hall-even if he doesn’t love you, there’s no need to humiliate
himself and cause necessary trouble, don’t you think?! You have to believe in John!”

Nonetheless, Cordy calmly replied, “Zoe, what did you think is going to happen in the end after your
grandfather has announced John’s engagement with Jessica in front of everyone, even if John is
reluctant to play along?”

Zoe was actually left stumped by Cordy’s words-she had never thought that far ahead, since all she
cared about was that John had been forced against his will.

Cordy continued to reason with Zoe. “The what-ifs hold no weight if there’s no changing the


Zoe was left perplexed at that-who was trying to be the reasonable one here again?

Still, Zoe argued because she was just that blindly worshipful toward John. “No, Cordy… What I mean
is that you should still have faith in John. I agree that my grandfather struck first to cut off John’s
escape, but John never takes anything lying down. He’ll find a way to annul his. engagement with
Jessica, so don’t feel disappointed in him, please?”

Cordy actually wanted to avoid knocking Zoe off her perch just then.

The Stuarts were the rulers of Rocktown and ranked at least in the top five among the most important
dynasties in Zidonia. That meant they had a reputation to uphold, and they would not annul the
engagement so easily after publicly announcing it.

In fact, one might say that the announcement had already set them on a point of no return.

As such, Cordy said, “I’m not.”

But even before Zoe could smile, Cordy added, “All good things must come to an end.”

Zoe was speechless.

Was there really no chance of turning things around?

Cordy clearly liked John, even if she hid it well. Why else would she tolerate John’s advances,
especially after being deceived by a scumbag like Kyle?!

Did people in love really end things so simply?

Zoe suddenly remembered what Jay said he had actually anticipated what Cordy would believe, even
what she would ultimately decide.

How the hell did that man know something Zoe did not?!

“Zoe, no matter how things turn out between John and myself, you and I will be the same,” Cordy said
then, assuring Zoe.

Zoe pursed her lips.

She was not afraid that things between them would be affected… She just found it a great shame that
Cordy and John were splitting up just like that!

There was so much she wanted to say, but Zoe ultimately chose silence, thinking that she should wait
for John to properly talk to Cordy.

When Zoe woke up the next morning, Cordy was already gone.

In Zoe’s case, she could not sleep even when it was very late.

She had no idea if Cordy actually slept, though she was motionless the entire night.

Still, she realized that it was no surprise that Cordy was gone when she looked at the clock, and saw
that it was already 9 AM.

A workaholic like Cordy would be working even if the world was ending.

After washing up, Zoe headed to the living room and saw the breakfast prepared on the dining table,
along with a note that read: [Everything is sugarless and low fat. You have nothing to worry about.]

Zoe’s eyes were welling with tears.

Cordy actually had the spirit to make breakfast for her?!

Zoe’s heart certainly ached for Cordy, and she could not help wanting to dedicate her heart and soul to

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