A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 210

Chapter 210

‘That crafty geezer! What is he doing to Cordy?!

‘He could have sold her to human traffickers and none would have been the wiser!”

It was scarier the more Zoe thought about it, and she quickly got into her car, intent on saving Cordy
from Levine Manor.


Jay caught her wrist but she shook him off violently.

She did it almost as soon as Jay touched her, and a moment of awkwardness ensued.

Still, Jay spoke calmly in the next instant. “When you see Cordy, tell her to doubt everything your
grandfather says and not to make any hasty decisions. Tell her to wait for John until he explains
everything to her.”

“What are you talking about? Was John hiding something from her?” Zoe asked, sharp as ever.

It was not as if she was not smart-she simply did not use her brains properly, such as in her


However, Jay did not elaborate either. “Just keep Cordy company for a couple days-things like these
hurt, so try to counsel her. I’ll postpone your scenes to a further time so you won’t have to worry about
coming to the film set.”

Zoe did not ask anything in turn, since it was pointless-Jay was never going to tell her anything he

did not want to.

It was far better to hurry along and save Cordy.

Along the way, Zoe told her chauffeur to floor it, and once her car stopped outside the manor, she
rushed up to her grandfather’s study on the second floor.

Whenever he had something to say, Alan always did it in his study.

The instant Zoe opened the door, she immediately saw Cordy sitting inside, looking small and

“Where are your manners? You’re an adult now!” Alan shot a look at Zoe after she barged in with a
reprimanding tone.

He was not at all upset, however-it was just a nonchalant rebuke from an elder to a youngling’s
brusque attitude.

Nonetheless, Zoe walked straight to Cordy, shielding Cordy as she snapped, “You’re far older, Gramps,
and you’d still bully a little lady. People are going to laugh when they find out.”

Cordy’s heart stirred as she watched Zoe defend her.

She was certainly surprised that Zoe would come straight here for her, and she hung up on Zoe
because she did not want to trouble her too.

“Like you said, I’m far older-where would I find the strength to tussle against young people like

you? I was just having a little business discussion with Ms. Sachs here. Isn’t that right?” Alan said

“Hmm,” Cordy murmured, not exactly cooperating with Alan.

Still, he did not mind.

However, Zoe was certainly not going to believe her grandfather-anything that a businessman said
must always be scrutinized under a microscope.

And whatever the truth might be, the priority was to get Cordy out of there.

“Are you done? I’m taking Cordy home if you are,” Zoe said.

“We are.” Alan nodded.

“Alright, let’s go.” Zoe took Cordy’s hand, intent on leaving right then.

“Zoe,” Alan suddenly called out.

As Zoe turned, he told her, “You’re not young anymore, and you’ve been messing around for years.

It’s time to come home and help with the family business.”

“We had a gentleman’s agreement,” Zoe pointed out.

“Businessmen are never gentlemen.”

Zoe said nothing.

But that was exactly why she hated business people!

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