A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 209

Chapter 209

Cordy was quiet, as if she was thinking.

Alan did not hurry her-business people are never afraid of spending time to negotiate a deal.

However, it did not take long for Cordy to answer. “Your offers are certainly tempting, Mr. Levine. Even
so, I can earn the money myself, and it just doesn’t feel right to be given money for nothing. no matter
how much it is. As for the Sachs and the Jessops, I really don’t think they would win against me, and
it’s a matter of time before they fall.”

Alan was taking a sip of his tea, keeping his head down and his expression inscrutable.

As he slowly lowered his tea cup, he corrected himself. “I can give you all three.”

In other words, he was saying that she did not have to choose.

“I have been perfectly clear-I don’t need any of those,” Cordy replied, determined.

“Did it cross your mind that I can keep what I offered eternally out of your reach and make you lose
more in turn?” Alan growled threateningly, the air around him suddenly turning chilly

“You want me to leave John on my own accord because you’re just worried I won’t break up with him,”
Cordy pointed out, exposing Alan’s intentions. “But would I really fear your threats when I have John as
my trump card?”

Alan glowered-he did not expect her to see through him.

“So you’ve decided to fight me?” he growled.

“I’m too young and unimportant to fight you, Mr. Levine,” Cordy replied. “All I want is a fair-

“I’ll give you fair!” Alan bellowed, cutting Cordy short. “And you will leave John, willingly or otherwise!”

Cordy narrowed her gaze icily.

Meanwhile, Zoe was hurrying back to Levine Manor as well.

It took her a while to come to her senses after the surprise at the Levine Ventures’ 60th anniversary

In fact, she was already worried when she saw Jessica at the banquet.

That woman was no angel, and Zoe would never believe that a woman who was that perfect existed!

And the fact that Jessica could convince so many of that meant she was more than what she seerned.

And to no surprise, she came to have her engagement with John announced!

It was an utterly despicable move!

Zoe’s heart could break when she saw Cordy quietly turning to leave from the crowd downstairs.

She understood all too well how it felt to be hurt by the one you loved most, and she was also positive
that John had no idea that he would be engaged to Jessica.

After Jessica hovered around John for so many years, abroad or otherwise, John would have fallen for
her already if he had any feelings for her. There was no need for the sudden official announcement,
and even Zoe could tell how furious John was when they pulled that crap with him!

However, just as she was prepared to chase after Cordy, the Levines’ bodyguards stopped her, saying
that no one was to leave before the banquet was over.

Zoe gritted her teeth but she did not want to make a mess for the Levines at such an important event-
she had that much tact, at least.

She called Cordy, but Cordy hung up, on her immediately-that was understandable too. If she were in
Cordy shoes, she would be in no mood to pick up calls or talk.

Even Zoe herself never told her best friend Quinn about her miserable rejection by Jay.

When you are really hurting, you would not even manage a single word.

Hence, Zoe stayed for the remainder of the banquet, totally distracted and only wanting to go home
early and keep Cordy company. Even if Cordy did not want to talk, Zoe could offer her a shoulder to
lean on and cry on.

But it was still a long while until Alan finally left, and around half of the bodyguards left the banquet hall
when Zoe could finally slip out.

Still, just as she was about to get in her car, Jay called out from behind her, “Zoe.”

He sounded urgent and was obviously running after her.

Zoe wheeled on him, pursing her lips.

“If my hunch is right, your grandfather has taken Cordy back to Levine Manor,” Jay said shortly. “How’d
you know?” Zoe asked.

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